This witness just torpedoed Alvin Bragg’s case with one shocking video

May 6, 2024

Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is in big trouble.

Bragg made a major miscalculation.

And this witness just torpedoed Alvin Bragg’s case with one shocking video.

Cohen profiting off Trump case turns into an issue for the prosecution

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen will serve as Bragg’s star witness.

Cohen is expected to get on the stand and testify that Donald Trump took part in a scheme to steal the 2016 election by paying Stormy Daniels a nondisclosure agreement fee of $130,000 in October of that year.

Bragg and Cohen were already facing an uphill battle on two fronts.

First, Bragg will have Cohen testify that Trump committed a totally made-up crime by following the legal advice of his attorney.

Second, Cohen is an admitted liar who previously pled guilty to perjuring himself before Congress.

A judge then accused Cohen of perjuring himself a second time during a hearing for early release.

Cohen created another headache for the prosecution by profiting off livestreams that he conducted where he would talk about the Trump case while followers chipped in donations.

“As he awaits his turn to take the witness stand, Cohen has discussed Trump, the ongoing trial, and the testimony already underway during nightly livestreams on TikTok, which appear to be earning him financial benefit through viewers’ donations,” ABC News reported.

“And while the undertaking doesn’t appear to run afoul of any court order, experts say it hurts the already-blemished credibility of an essential witness in the case,” the ABC report continued.

After getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Cohen claimed that he would stop the livestreams.

“I am not the defendant in this criminal matter and am not the subject of Judge Merchan’s gag order. Donald is. Nevertheless, I elected, out of respect to the court and the prosecutors, to cease commenting on Trump and this matter; which I have done,” Cohen stated.

Experts say Cohen’s actions damaged Bragg’s case

But the damage may have been done.

Trump’s lawyers were already going to portray Cohen as a liar who would say anything for money.

Cohen regularly appears on MSNBC where he bashes Trump and promotes his anti-Trump book.

But Cohen’s latest stunt is the icing on the cake for the defense.

Experts were split on Cohen’s actions.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy said it didn’t matter because he was already a liar who would take the stand with less than zero credibility.

“It is not a problem for Cohen’s credibility because he has none — he is a convicted perjurer and fraudster whose current ‘defense’ of his fraud convictions is that he wasn’t telling the truth when he pled guilty,” McCarthy stated.

Others disagreed.

Former Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti said if Bragg puts Cohen on the stand, then the judge must either strike his testimony or throw out the case.

“Michael Cohen through his narcissism and his ego may have just torpedoed the case against Trump,” Avenatti said in an interview with Fox News.

“Never underestimate this guy’s ability to screw something up due to his ignorance and arrogance. He’s dumber than a box of rocks. The state can’t win the case without him and because of his conduct in reviewing trial testimony in violation of the court’s order, which [he] just admitted to when speaking with ABC, the court must strike him as a witness, declare a mistrial, or both,” Avenatti continued.

 “He had no business commenting on other witnesses’ testimony,” Avenatti concluded.

Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson said Cohen looking to make money off the trial could be the tipping point where the jury decides he is a completely unbelievable witness.

“Profiting off the trial adds another conflict to that pile. Whether it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to the jury remains to be seen, but it certainly is fodder for cross-examination,” Jacobson decaled.

This is big trouble for Bragg.

Cohen is Bragg’s entire case.

If the jury finds Cohen is not credible, then Donald Trump will win an acquittal.

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