A new conservative group just exposed the Democrats’ insanity with this one hilarious ad

Mar 3, 2023

Democrats give Republicans a wealth of material to use against them on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the GOP never seems to know how to take advantage of it.

But a new conservative group just exposed the Democrats’ insanity with this one hilarious ad.

Who is winning the culture war in America?

As the culture war rages on in America, Democrats and their voters appear to have gone crazy in both their ideas and their behavior.

Performing gender-altering surgeries on minors and giving them hormone blockers, teaching elementary students that white people are oppressors, and garnering sympathy for pedophiles as “minor attracted people” are just a few of the many examples of the Left’s insanity.

But it’s not just their policies that are outrageous.

Their tactics – such as harassing political opponents at restaurants or doxing their personal information online – have also lost the plot.

In fact, they’ve even created a new tactic called “swatting.”

Swatting is when someone places an anonymous call to the authorities with a fictional report of violent crime.

The idea is to, at the very least, inconvenience your political enemies.

But it has the potential to end fatally.

And all of this is supported by Democrat elected officials – many of whom whip up emotions, call for their activists to take action, and then bail them out of jail for rioting.

But in large part, the Republican Party has failed to connect Democrats with the crazy things they believe and the dangerous acts they condone.

The Left is not normal

But one conservative non-profit is using straight talk and humor to get the message across.

The conservative non-profit group Citizens for Sanity just launched a new ad that calls out the Left for not being “normal.”

The minute-long video encourages viewers to ask themselves some commonsense questions.

“Have you ever boarded a plane and thought to yourself, ‘I hope the pilot is a transgender refugee?’” the ad poses. “Have you ever gone to the emergency room and said, ‘I hope my medical team is incredibly diverse?’ Have you ever moved to a new city and said, ‘I hope the police department hit its equity goals for the year?’”

Citizens for Sanity then informs viewers that if they answered “no” and prefer whoever is best qualified to get the job, then that means they are “normal.”

The ad goes on to say that Democrats only look at race and gender as determining factors while showing video footage of Bernie Sanders, Rachel Levine, Elizabeth Warren, John Fetterman, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who are labeled as “not normal.”

“Democrats used to care about the middle class,” the ad continues. “Now they just care about your race and gender. And as long as Democrats stay in power, it’ll just keep getting worse.”

According to Citizens for Sanity, so-called “equity” results in bigotry.

Who are the Citizens for Sanity?

Citizens for Sanity is a Political Action Committee that launched in the runup to the 2022 Midterms.

According to Open Secrets, the group appears to have connections to former Trump adviser Stephen Miller’s America First Legal Foundation.

Citizens for Sanity previously released videos highlighting how Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies and attitudes have led to massive surges in violent crime rates across the country.

According to their website, the group’s mission is to “restore common sense to America,” “highlight the importance of logic and reason,” and “defeat wokeism and anti-critical thinking ideologies that have permeated every sector of our country and threaten the very freedoms that are foundational to the American Dream.”


They’ve also placed ads on billboards calling out Democrat candidates for their record.


Citizens for Sanity uses the Left’s own arguments against them and plasters the message as far and wide as possible.

POLL: Which Party has more “normal” voters as defined by Citizens for Sanity?

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