Tucker Carlson asked one scary question about Dan Crenshaw that confirmed the worst

Apr 24, 2024

Tucker Carlson and RINO Dan Crenshaw have been in a war of words.

But the former Fox News host just decided to expose him. 

And Tucker Carlson asked one scary question about Dan Crenshaw that confirmed the worst.

Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has been trying to pull a fast one on conservatives since he was first elected in 2018.

He’s supported red flag gun confiscation, the phony border security bill championed by President Joe Biden, and the failed war in Ukraine.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been trading fire back and forth with Crenshaw this year.

Tucker Carlson asks why red states produce awful RINOs like Dan Crenshaw

Crenshaw and many of the worst RINOs in Congress, like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), represent some of the reddest turf in the country.

That’s why Carlson had talk radio show host Jesse Kelly as a guest on his show, Tucker Carlson Uncensored.

He asked Kelly why red states produce the “dumbest, most liberal Republicans” and why Crenshaw wasn’t bagging groceries.

“I mean, why is it that Republican states tend to have the least sincere Republicans like Dan Crenshaw, apparently still a member of Congress from the state of Texas, who has zero interest in the US border,” Carlson said. “All his interest is in the Ukrainian border, the Gaza border, you know, how does a guy like that get elected in a supposedly Republican state?”

Kelly explained that voters in red states had gotten soft because of the success of America.

“Well, complacency and life being good makes us soft, right?” Kelly asked. “It’s just the fact of life. It’s one of those things humanity struggled with. As soon as you get rich or well-off or comfortable, how do you keep improving? How do you keep your edge? You rarely do. This is what’s happened to red state Republicans.”

The talk radio show host has consistently blamed Republican Primary voters for the sorry state of the GOP by voting to send RINOs like McConnell back to Congress.

“There’s nobody more at fault for the condition of this country than red state GOP voters,” Kelly explained. “And people get mad when I say that. But let me, let me just go down the list here. Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, John Thune, Tillis. I mean, look, you can go down the list. Every dork from Louisiana, the reddest states in this country, give us the most putrid Republicans at the federal level.”

Jesse Kelly gives his theory on why RINOs keep getting reelected

Kelly said that voters in Republican states don’t understand how bad things have gotten in blue states.

“Why does that happen? Because the GOP Primary voter in red states lives in a relatively normal place,” Kelly said. “He lives in comfort. He thinks he’s got a red legislature, so he either doesn’t vote in primaries. That’s mostly the case. He’s just going to sit at home. Or even worse, he goes to vote for Senator Dork, who he sees on Fox News every time. Well, Lindsey Graham was on Fox tonight. I guess he’s on my side. You should have nothing but disdain for virtually every single Senator you see on Fox News. And yet people vote for who they see on television.”

Kelly gave the example of U.S. Senator John Thune (R-SD), the likely replacement for McConnell as Senate Republican Leader.

“John Thune supported gun control legislation, and John Thune, on camera, was asked to back up American people owning AR-15s,” Kelly recalled. “And the best argument he could make for your liberty for the Second Amendment was that, I kid you not, this is on camera, he told people, ‘well, I mean, a lot of people use them to shoot prairie dogs.’”

Conservatives in Congress are in a battle against Democrats and RINOs in Washington, D.C.’s Swamp.

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