A top Democrat went on Fox News and just drove the final nail in Joe Biden’s coffin

Jan 24, 2023

It’s looking more and more like Democrats want to use the stolen classified document scandal to dump Joe Biden.

Every day more Democrats distance themselves from Biden.

And now this top Democrat went on Fox News and just drove the final nail in Joe Biden’s coffin.

California Congressman Ro Khanna is viewed by many on the left as the heir apparent to the Bernie Sanders movement and possessing a bright future on the national scene.

That’s why it stood out that Khanna was willing to go on Fox News with anchor John Roberts and blast Joe Biden over stealing classified documents and call for an investigation into Biden’s links to Communist China through his think tank.

Khanna criticized Biden over the latest development that a FBI search of Biden’s home turned up classified documents that Biden stole when he was a U.S. Senator.

“Well, look, those documents shouldn’t have been there,” Khanna stated. “When I look at classified information, being on the House Armed Services Committee, I go to a SCIF, and I have to give over my phone, and I’m not allowed to take documents out of the SCIF. So, I really don’t understand how those documents got into a personal residence and we do need answers on that.”

Khanna compared this scandal to the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago and said there needed to be a better process in place to prevent the removal of classified documents.

But Khanna also expressed concern about Biden storing stolen classified documents at Penn-Biden Center, which was funded by tens of millions of dollars in donations from Communist China was a matter of great worry.

“Why can’t we have a process to make sure that classified documents aren’t removed from the executive branch no matter who the president is and that there is a process to make sure no senator or congressman is removing these?” Khanna added. “Now obviously, no one can defend having classified documents sitting at a Penn Center or a personal residence and I believe the president will acknowledge that was a mistake.”

Khanna even called for an investigation into the Chinese Communist Party funding Joe Biden’s think tank.

“Who was the money coming from? Was it coming from private individuals? Was it coming from people with ties to the Chinese Communist Party? What was the purpose of the funding? Was it connected in any way to the Penn Center? I mean, we can’t just have two facts out there without a deeper investigation of all the facts. But if you’re asking, should all the facts come out? Of course they should,” Khanna concluded.

Democrats do not want Joe Biden to run for re-election in 2024 because they’re afraid he’ll lose.

Every poll shows a majority of Americans – as well as a majority of Democrats – do not want Joe Biden to seek another term.

The public – including his own party – thinks Joe Biden is too old and senile to serve as president for another four years.

And the stolen classified documents scandal provided the opening Democrats needed.

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