A top Trump ally said eight words that will drive Ron DeSantis crazy

May 18, 2023

It’s “game on” in the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary.

The battlefield spreads across the entire country.

And now, a top Trump ally said eight words that will drive Ron DeSantis crazy.

The latest proxy war in the fight between Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis inexplicably took place in the Kentucky GOP Gubernatorial Primary.

Last year, Trump endorsed Attorney General Daniel Cameron – who strongly defended the state’s pro-life law and boasted that it shut down abortion clinics in Kentucky.

On the eve of the Primary, DeSantis swooped in and endorsed former Trump administration U.N. Ambassador Kelly Craft for the job.

“I’m strongly encouraging you to go out and vote for my friend, Kelly Craft. Kelly shares the same vision we do in Florida. She will stand up to the Left as they try to indoctrinate our children with their woke ideology. Kelly will fight against crazy ESG policies that are trying to end the coal industry in Kentucky. And Kelly’s going to do everything in her power to end the fentanyl crisis that is hurting Kentucky families,” DeSantis stated.

Since Craft shares a consultant with DeSantis and hails from a family of GOP mega-donors, some suspect the endorsement was done in part to curry favor with the Republican donor class.

This move represented a risk for DeSantis since it set up a needless showdown with Trump that would be interpreted as a test of strength for each man in the GOP.

The results were decisive and the race was called for Cameron within minutes.

During his victory speech, Cameron made sure to take a shot at DeSantis by declaring that the “Trump culture of winning is alive and well.”

It was hard to miss the brushback pitch Cameron threw DeSantis’ way.

During a well-received trip to Iowa last weekend, DeSantis implied that it was time to move on from Trump by citing the 2018, 2020, and 2022 elections as a “culture of losing.

“But there’s no substitute for victory,” DeSantis told the crowd. “We must reject the culture of losing that has infected our Party in recent years.”

By endorsing Craft, DeSantis put his prestige and message to the test.

And on this night, DeSantis came out the clear loser.

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