A White House doctor blew the whistle on this alarming cover-up involving Joe Biden

Mar 7, 2024

Joe Biden is facing growing questions about his severe mental decline.

His handlers don’t want the public to know the truth about his mental state.

And a White House doctor blew the whistle on this alarming cover-up involving Joe Biden.

The concerns about President Joe Biden’s severe mental decline exploded after the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report that recommended not charging him for mishandling classified documents because of his age and bad memory.

The White House had a chance to silence the concerns during Biden’s annual physical.

Joe Biden dodges cognitive test during annual physical

White House Dr. Kevin O’Connor proclaimed that Biden was “fit for duty” after his annual physical.

His memo about the President’s health raised eyebrows when it didn’t include a cognitive exam.

That exam would have helped silence any of Biden’s critics who contend he’s suffering from a steep mental decline.

When grilled by reporters about Biden skipping the cognitive exam, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that he didn’t need one because he “passes a cognitive test every day” by being President.

A former White House doctor cried foul over the lack of a cognitive exam.

White House doctor calls Biden’s annual physical a “joke” for skipping cognitive test

Ronny Jackson (R-TX) – a former White House physician for Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump – blasted the White House for not giving Biden a cognitive exam during an appearance on Fox News.

“This whole report is absolutely ridiculous,” Jackson said. “It’s nothing more than the White House’s effort to check the box and hope we’ll move on from this.”

He mocked Jean-Pierre for claiming that Biden passes one every day.

“She’s right,” Jackson said. “Every day, he does have a cognitive test, and every day, he fails miserably.”

The former White House doctor said that a key piece of Biden’s neurological evaluation was skipped.

“The fact that they didn’t do a cognitive test as part of this physical exam — they did a neurological exam,” Jackson added. “There’s five parts to the neuro exam. One of them that they conveniently left out, the one that we care about, is the mental status exam. They have nothing on his mental status.”

Jackson said that the cognitive test was skipped because the White House didn’t want to have to lie about its results.

“This was a complete joke by Dr. O’Connor. If he were serious about this, he would have done a thorough, comprehensive, objective exam that included a cognitive exam, and he would have stood up before the press in the press briefing room, and he would have defended it,” Jackson said. “He would have answered questions. But he doesn’t because he doesn’t want to answer the questions because he’s going to have to lie.”

Jackson has sounded the alarm about Biden’s mental decline since he took office.

He said he can tell a difference in Biden from when he worked as a doctor in the Obama White House when he was Vice President.

Joe Biden won’t be able to hide from the growing concerns about his mental decline on the campaign trail while he seeks another four years in office from voters.

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