Democrat Congresswoman will leave you speechless as she blames Republicans for chaos south of the border

Jan 17, 2023

You have to give the Left one thing, they know how to completely spin a story away from the facts. 

Now their latest attack on Republicans is so outlandish that it makes the January 6 Committee look like a non-partisan think tank. 

And this Democrat Congresswoman will leave you speechless as she blames Republicans for chaos south of the border.  

The girl who cried wolf must have been a Democrat. 

Republicans are the root of all evil?

The Democrats literally blame every single disaster on Republicans. 

A school gets shot up by some whacko leftist and magically it is Republicans’ fault for supporting people’s Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. 

Putin decides to act on the feebleness we have bestowed in the White House and somehow leftists and the corporate-controlled media try to blame it on Trump and Republicans for encouraging Putin to invade. 

A bunch of rain falls on some hippies in California who usually complain about being in a drought and now it’s Republicans’ fault because of “global warming.”

It just never fails. 

Pick a crisis in the world and you will find some Democrat trying to blame it on Republicans.

But of all the blame on Republicans, this is by far the worst one yet.

Republicans blamed for Brazil

According to Democrat Representative Zoe Lofgren of California, Republicans are to blame for the rioting that has been taking place in Brazil.

Why are Brazilians rioting?

For years, they have been led by a reasonably competent leader in Jair Bolsonaro who many saw as the South American version of President Trump. 

And many Brazilians loved Bolsonaro as he led the country on a more conservative path than in the nation’s past. 

But world leaders and leftists within his own nation can’t stand him as he doesn’t take orders from them but rather the people of Brazil. 

So this past election in 2022, the Left did everything they could to make Bolsonaro lose the election to far-left candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (now that’s a mouthful). 

And in a tightly-contested election, Bolsonaro barely lost to Silva. 

Well, the people of Brazil aren’t taking it lightly as signs of corruption and illegalities have come to light that took place during the election. 

So earlier this week, the people of Brazil took a stand and protested the election. 

And while police were agitating their protesting, the massive crowd of citizens in Brazil’s capital of Brasilia turned violent and ransacked a number of government buildings. 

According to Representative Lofgren, Republicans have influenced and inspired the chaos thousands of miles away in Brasilia. 

Lofgren was asked on MSNBC about the riots and she blurted out, “It’s really concerning. I mean, it looks like we’ve exported a little bit of chaos for the political Right to try and overturn democratic elections.”

She continued her rant by saying:

In addition to invading the legislative branch, they also invaded the equivalent of the White House, the equivalent of the U.S. Supreme Court. I mean, they took over the space of the entire federal government. Now, the reaction of the law enforcement agencies was robust. They were arrested on the spot. But I think it’s not possible to separate that kind of extraordinary lawlessness from what happened here in our country and the kind of rhetoric that Bolsonaro has engaged in. I mean, he’s called the Trump of the tropics, and he’s in Florida right now.

The Left is in a weird position logically. 

One second they claim that the America First movement is too dumb to do anything meaningful as they drag average Americans through the mud just because they don’t have a gender studies degree. 

But now they are claiming that the America First movement is so robust and powerful that it instigates and inspires the riots in another nation. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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