Donald Trump asked one question about CNN that no one saw coming

May 5, 2023

Donald Trump and CNN have been at war for six years.

CNN spread lies and fake news to try and end his Presidency.

And now, Donald Trump asked one question about CNN that no one saw coming.

Donald Trump is known for the unexpected.

Trump showed he still possesses the capacity for surprise with his decision to attend a CNN town hall hosted by left-wing activist Kaitlin Collins this week in New Hampshire.

After spending years slamming the network as fake news, Trump made the decision to participate in the town hall in part to fire a shot across the bow of Fox News for firing Tucker Carlson.

Many believe Tucker Carlson’s firing was part of a plan by chairman Rupert Murdoch to use the network to defeat Trump in 2024.

In 2016, Trump rode a wave of $2 billion in free media to win the GOP nomination, as he would appear on every network – including CNN and MSNBC.

Trump appears to be trying to recreate that strategy.

Conservatives were shocked that Trump would give any oxygen to a network he routinely described as the enemy of the people.

But Trump posed a question about CNN that shows he knew exactly what he was getting into.

“Going into the heart of Enemy territory, but maybe the Enemy is changing?” Trump wondered.

Trump also hopes to reap the benefit of descending into hostile media territory and showing he can stand his ground and fight back against left-wing questioners.

Members of the Fake News Media were the most triggered by this announcement.

Even though Trump is the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, many on the Left want the media to either ignore Trump or only cover him by smearing him as a racist threat to democracy.

MSNBC’s Medhi Hasan whined about CNN hosting Trump from a town hall.

“I do hope CNN chief Chris Licht doesn’t have to end up apologizing for giving Trump this platform in the same way that his predecessor Jeff Zucker had to apologize for running all those Trump rallies uninterrupted on CNN back in 2016,” Hasan stated.

Hasan also falsely claimed Trump “encouraged violence against CNN itself.”

The MSNBC host referred to a hilarious gif Trump posted back in 2017 from when he appeared at Wrestlemania in 2007.

Trump clotheslined Vince McMahon, who had a CNN logo superimposed over his head.

The Fake News Media shrieked that this was one step short of domestic terrorism.

Trump is betting on the mere fact that, no matter what CNN throws at him, he will demonstrate his willingness to take the fight directly to the Fake News Media and dominate the headlines.

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