Donald Trump revealed one brutal fact about Fani Willis’ sex scandal

Mar 6, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is in deep trouble.

Willis’ conduct is about to cause her criminal indictment against Donald Trump to collapse. 

And Donald Trump revealed one brutal fact about Fani Willis’ sex scandal.

Trump mocks sex scandal at the heart of disqualification effort 

At a rally in Richmond, Virginia, ahead of the state’s March 5 Super Tuesday Primary, Donald Trump had some fun at the expense of Willis and her lover, Nathan Wade.

Willis hired Wade as the special prosecutor in the Georgia 2020 election witch hunt, despite the fact that he had no experience on a criminal case above a misdemeanor.

Trump jokingly told the crowd that Wade had no experience on criminal cases, but that he had “experience” at something else.

“How about that one? How about that one with her lover, Nathan Wade, her lover. Let’s go get Trump! Because if they go after Trump, they can pay him more money. And then she can take beautiful trips on the sea, beautiful trips to foreign islands. Her and her lover. They have such a good time. The guy got paid almost $1 million and he never did it before. But he did the other thing before. That he did with Fani. He did plenty of that. That’s what he’s good at, I guess,” Trump exclaimed.

Trump then made a pumping gesture with his hand to joke that Willis hired Wade because of his “experience” in the bedroom.

Judge Scott McAfee to decide Willis’ fate 

Judge Scott McAfee heard closing arguments in a hearing to disqualify Willis and her entire office from the case.

At issue is whether or not Willis and Wade began the affair before she hired him as special prosecutor and if she received a financial benefit from this decision.

Defense attorneys provided cell phone location records and witness testimony that showed Wade and Willis communicated and spent time together at her condo well before she brought him on board.

This raised allegations from critics that Wade and Willis perjured themselves on the witness stand when they said their affair began in 2022 and when she claimed he never spent a night at her condo.

Willis running a two-year investigation – unnaturally lengthy in the eyes of many – allowed Wade to bill Fulton County $654,000 over the time period.

Bank records show Wade used his credit card to purchase airline tickets and trips aboard luxury cruise ships for him and Willis.

Legal experts believe the case to disqualify Willis is very strong.

But now the ball is in Judge McAfee’s court.

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