Donald Trump surprised Laura Ingraham with this confession about the election

Feb 27, 2024

Democrats are throwing the kitchen sink at Donald Trump to try and stop him. 

The former President is facing unprecedented obstacles in his attempt to return to the White House.

And Donald Trump surprised Laura Ingraham with this confession about the election.

Former President Donald Trump is known for his humor and wit on the campaign trail, which helped turn him into a force of nature in politics.

He appeared at a town hall on Fox News hosted by Laura Ingraham, where she pointed out that he was known for his sense of humor and his smile.

She asked Trump if people would see it again while he’s campaigning for the White House this year.

The former President said that he doesn’t “smile” as much these days because America is “dying” under President Joe Biden.

Trump added that he doesn’t “see much humor” given the dismal state of the country these days.

Donald Trump blasts Joe Biden for destroying the country with his open borders agenda

On a serious note, Trump hit on a theme that he’s frequently mentioned on the campaign trail.

America is in a serious decline from the failed policies enacted by Biden.

“We have a country that’s dying,” Trump said. “We have a country that’s – it’s a failing nation. I say it in my speeches, it’s a failing nation. We have a nation in decline. We are a nation in decline. I just don’t think it’s a subject that we are smiling too much about. When I see 18 million by the time he leaves, I think that’s going to be the number, 18 million people coming in from unknown places.”

The work that Trump did during his term in office to secure the border was dismantled by Biden beginning on his first day in office.

America has suffered from record-breaking levels of illegal immigration under Biden during the worst border crisis in the nation’s history.

Trump asserted that there could eventually be 18 million illegal aliens in the country – more than the population of 46 states – by the time Biden leaves office.

“We have no idea who they are, but they are terrorists. We are going to have massive terrorism. We are going to have a big problem with terrorists, we’re going to have a lot of problems and especially the bad ones and remember what I said, the local police force,” Trump continued.

The number of suspected terrorists apprehended at the border has shattered records under Biden.

Trump acknowledged a family in the town hall audience that lost a daughter to an illegal alien who entered the country under Biden.

“You have a great family right there, the Heinz family sitting in the front row,” Trump said. “They lost their daughter to an illegal alien who came in, and we threw him out and he was gone and he came back in and their daughter was killed by an illegal immigrant that came in during the Biden administration. So sad.”

Trump said that he would smile again when he finishes his mission of making America great.

“So, I just don’t see that much humor in what we’re doing. This is a very serious charge and this is a very serious thing I’m doing and I don’t want to be,” Trump told Ingraham. “You know, if I start talking with a smile, they will say he smiled because the fake news is just terrible: He smiled, what was he smiling about, and I don’t really want to smile. I want to smile when we complete the task and make America great again.”

Donald Trump is ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work cleaning up Joe Biden’s mess.

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