Fox News made one major 2024 decision that sent a big message to Donald Trump

Apr 13, 2023

Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination.

The coverage by Fox News Channel will help shape the trajectory of the Primary.

And now, Fox News made one major 2024 decision that sent a big message to Donald Trump.

The Presidential Primary debates will play a major role in determining who will win the GOP nomination.

Establishment Republicans who do not want Donald Trump as the nominee are setting up a process to use the debates to stop him.

The Republican National Committee announced the first GOP Presidential debate will take place this August in Milwaukee – the site of the 2024 GOP nominating convention – and Fox News will televise it in conjunction with the 501c(3) Young Americans for Freedom.

It will also be live streamed on the free speech platform Rumble.

The RNC is planning to host one debate a month going forward where television networks will be partnered with conservative media outlets.

POLITICO reports:

On Wednesday, the committee announced that Fox News would host the first event, which is slated to be held in Milwaukee in August…

…Those familiar with the debate process say they expect television outlets to be paired with conservative online platforms as debate co-hosts. For the inaugural debate, viewers will be able to tune in on the conservative streaming platform Rumble. The event will also be co-hosted by Young America’s Foundation, an organization overseen by former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

But this is not as it seems.

Arizona Republican National Committee member Tyler Bowyer revealed that the GOP establishment is planning to rig the debates to sabotage Trump.

It’s already been widely reported that Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch is done with Trump and wants to use his media empire to stop him.

Now Bowyer warned that Fox News partnered with Young Americans for Freedom – which pays Mike Pence as one of the group’s Ronald Reagan Scholars – for this debate.

Bowyer also said the RNC is planning to stage multiple debates hosted by fake news CNN in conjunction with Never-Trump “conservative” media outlets.

Just like in 2016, if Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination, he will have to do it against the united opposition of the Republican establishment and the Fake News Media.

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