Global elites are now determined to make you start eating something you may not be able to stomach

Feb 7, 2023

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland came and went.

There they discussed a jam-packed socialist agenda to exert their will on the world’s people.

And global elites are now determined to make you start eating something you may not be able to stomach.

Let them eat bugs

The world’s elite – whether Kings and Queens, tribal leaders, or billionaire founders of multinational corporations – have always looked down upon the common man.

Marie Antoinette famously said, “Let them eat cake,” when asked about starving peasants.

Now the world’s global elites want you to start eating bugs. 

That’s right – everything from crickets to worms.

All in the name of fighting “climate change.”

You see, the global elites have decided the science is settled when it comes to climate change and no one is allowed to question it.

Therefore, they’ll do anything they can to force everyone else to go to extremes to save the planet from this existential threat Biden outlandishly referred to as more dangerous than nuclear armageddon.

But since they don’t believe they will be able to convince enough people into freely eating worms, they’ve decided to take another route . . . 

. . . they have found a way to make us do it by including bugs as a substitute for flour and protein in products we all eat on a daily basis.

That’s right. 

Apparently, when it comes to eating bugs, if you can’t beat them, force them.

And don’t think this is just another wacky Internet conspiracy theory – it’s already begun.

Bread, cookies, pizza dough, snacks, and other bakery products to be made with cricket “flour”

In fact, the European Union (EU) is betting everything on cricket “flour” as the miracle food that will “save the planet.”

And Spain just passed an official regulation authorizing the use of crickets in products destined for human consumption. 

For this, the Spanish government relied on the recent (and almost unknown) authorization granted by the EU in its updated list of “novel foods.” 

And it is getting worse all the time.

Since last summer, the EU has also approved dried yellow mealworm and migratory locusts as “novel foods.”

As reported by The American Conservative, “From now on, bread, cookies, pizzas, sauces, snacks, and other bakery products could be made with cricket flour, which is manufactured by crushing and grinding crickets. At least in Spain, the recommendation is that the manufacturer clearly point it out on the packaging, but it is just a recommendation, and—except for listing insects in ingredients and allergen warnings—they are not obliged to do so.”

The farm-to-fork strategy

The origin of all this insect insanity is found in what the EU calls the “Farm to Fork Strategy.” 

This so-called “strategy” is part of the European Green Deal, which according to the Germans and Ursula von der Leyen, is the EU’s big project to help spur on post-pandemic economic recovery.

A recovery only needed of course because of the EUs draconian COVID lockdowns and mandates. 

So far no one from the EU has been able to explain what a “green deal” has to do with economic recovery.

But they can tell you that Farm to Fork’s goal is “to make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally friendly.” 

Of course no one is quite sure how cricket “flour” is environmentally friendly, it certainly isn’t cricket-friendly.

Which begs the question, where are all the vegans and animal rights activists? 

Shouldn’t they be gluing their faces to windows, or blocking traffic, or freeing caged crickets?

Or are crickets not quite cute enough for the animal rights crowd?

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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