James Comer just lowered the boom on the FBI for this one massive deception

May 25, 2023

The FBI is trying to keep Joe Biden’s mounting scandals under wraps.

They’re preventing one explosive piece of evidence from ever seeing the light of day.

But, James Comer just lowered the boom on the FBI for this one massive deception.

The investigation into the Biden crime family by Representative James Comer (R-KY) is inching closer to President Joe Biden.

As Chair of the House Oversight Committee, Comer uncovered millions of dollars that flowed from China and other foreign countries into the pockets of nine members of the Biden family.

The cash was obscured through shell companies.

Comer’s investigation is trying to determine if Joe Biden was compromised by his family’s influence peddling operation.

A whistleblower came forward claiming that the FBI and Justice Department are in possession of a potential smoking gun proving that Biden was compromised by foreign cash.

The FBI has an unclassified FD-1023 form from a confidential informant that details a Biden family member taking money from a foreign source in exchange for policy decisions as Vice President.

Even though Comer subpoenaed the FD-1023 from the FBI on May 3, the agency has refused to comply with the request.

The FBI claimed it didn’t hand over the document because of security issues.

However, the Oversight Committee said it was willing to make reasonable accommodations to address the Bureau’s concerns.

The FBI is running cover for Joe Biden by keeping the potentially damning document out of the hands of a top GOP watchdog.

James Comer slams the FBI for running a cover up

The Kentucky lawmaker appeared on Fox News to discuss the FBI’s infuriating decision to ignore his subpoena for the FD-1023.

Comer said the FBI has been “very patronizing” and added that the form is a key piece of his investigation into the Biden’s influence peddling operation.

“Well, the FBI refused to turn over the form 1023,” Comer said. “We had another meeting where they were very patronizing. I’ve asked for a phone call with Director Wray. We expect to get this document. Speaker McCarthy had a phone call with Director Wray. He demanded that they turn over this document.”

Even though its claims are allegedly unverified by the FBI, Comer said the form appears to be credible.

“This is a very crucial piece of our investigation and the reason that I think it’s very credible is this claim was made years before anyone knew about these different shell companies,” Comer explained. “And they knew exactly what the Biden family did in countries like Romania and China to get money.”

The form dates back to Biden’s time as Vice President, which is before knowledge of his family’s foreign influence peddling operation became widespread.

Of course, ignoring the subpoena is a sign that the FBI doesn’t respect Congress.

But according to Comer, the only way that will change is if Senate Republicans sign off on cutting the Bureau’s budget.

If the FBI continues to stonewall the Oversight Committee, Comer said the next step is getting the whistleblower to come forward and reveal the form’s content.

The FBI is spiking a damaging investigation into Joe Biden just as his re-election campaign gets underway.

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