Jimmy Kimmel had Hollywood fuming with rage after he made one joke about Joe Biden that no one expected

Mar 16, 2023

Hollywood elitists love the Oscars because they enjoy having people cherish them every chance they get.

They chose Jimmy Kimmel to host the Oscars because they didn’t think he would question them or their beliefs.

But Jimmy Kimmel had Hollywood fuming with rage after he made one joke about Joe Biden that no one expected.

Hollywood: Narcissist Central

Actors and actresses are some of the most egocentric people on the planet.

Hollywood loves to put on the Oscars and the Golden Globe Awards because it places every person in the auditorium on a pedestal for society to worship.

They generally try to pick a host who will crack a few jokes but won’t rock the boat too hard.

They have had some hosts who shocked Hollywood in the past, like when Ricky Gervais completely shredded the group of narcissists during the 2021 Golden Globe Awards.

His line after line assault on their lives were nothing but truth bombs.

But after getting roasted by Gervais, they have been trying to make sure the hosts have been more favorable to their viewpoints.

That’s why they chose Jimmy Kimmel to host the Oscars this past week.

Jimmy Kimmel has been a big advocate for the Left’s talking points on his late-night show.

He has used his platform to personally attack nearly everyone to the Right of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whenever he gets the chance.

So no one in Hollywood expected Kimmel to attack their belief system.

But during the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel said one joke that filled the room with rage.

Jimmy Kimmel caught everyone off guard

Kimmel started his joke by saying that “this is my favorite duo of the year, Steven Spielberg and Seth Rogan.”

With the audience wondering where he was going with his joke, Kimmel added “what a pair – the Joe and Hunter Biden of Hollywood.”

The room filled with narcissists from Hollywood had echoes of nervous laughter with the joke that caught them completely off guard.

Kimmel finished by asking Seth Rogan, “what are you on right now? Be honest.”

Of course, that got under their skin.

Hollywood is filled with Joe Biden supporters who refuse to see the truth about how bad his administration is failing.

And they surely don’t want to bring up the drug abuse and ethical issues surrounding Hunter Biden.

Beyond this joke, the rest of the Oscars were as boring as usual.

But at least there was one line to bring the elitist crowd back to reality.

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