Joe Biden has one disturbing thing planned for the Super Bowl

Feb 10, 2023

Super Bowl Sunday is one day where Americans get together and regular life comes to a standstill.

It’s a day where friends and family enjoy the Big Game and each other’s company.

But now Joe Biden has one disturbing thing planned for the Super Bowl.

During the Obama administration, it became commonplace for the President to sit for an interview with an anchor from the network broadcasting the Super Bowl.

More than 100 million Americans watch the Super Bowl and clips from the interview air throughout the pregame show, which is the largest audience the President will reach all year.

This year Fox is televising the Super Bowl.

In the past, Barack Obama sat for an interview with Bill O’Reilly.

But this year Joe Biden is skipping the traditional pre-game interview to protest Fox News.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy reported in his Reliable Sources newsletter:

It looks like President Joe Biden might snub Fox News in a big way.

That’s at least how the network sees it. A source at Fox News told me Thursday evening that the right-wing channel has not heard back on whether Biden will grant it the traditional pre-Super Bowl interview, and that at this point the outlet is proceeding as if it is not going to take place.

“We don’t have a formal no, but we are operating like it’s not happening,” the source explained to me.

Being a left-wing ideologue, Darcy was able to glean insight into why Biden would blow off such a juicy opportunity to reach tens of millions of Americans.

Biden’s decision – Darcy wrote – had to do with trying to delegitimize Fox News since it is the only corporate-controlled media outlet that provides any negative coverage of his administration.

Darcy wrote:

It goes without saying that Biden has had a frosty relationship with Fox News. He has not granted the right-wing channel a single interview during his presidency — likely due to how its hosts and commentators have portrayed and assailed his administration. The network’s extremist personalities, such as Tucker Carlson, the network’s highest-rated host, have regularly launched vicious attacks on the president and aired dishonest segments lambasting him.

If Biden were to agree to an interview with Fox News, it would almost certainly be conducted by Baier — a much more respected, traditional news anchor, albeit one whose program carries conservative themes. But it’s possible Biden simply doesn’t want to give the network any credence.

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