John Fetterman revealed the one thing that nearly ruined him

May 10, 2023

Democrat Senator John Fetterman kept up his public relations tour.

Fetterman is trying to distract Americans from the truth about his health.

And John Fetterman revealed the one thing that nearly ruined him.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Fetterman sought to frame his struggles stemming from the near fatal stroke he suffered last May as a mental health issue.

Fetterman told Hayes that his lowest point came after he won the election and had difficulty accepting the fact that his stroke would leave him hobbled for life.

The Pennsylvania Democrat said that the depression he suffered as a result of his impairment also affected his home life since his children did not understand what was going on.

“Winning doesn’t mean that it still didn’t hurt,” Fetterman began, before adding that his children were worried “because they were confused.”

“The only person you’re really going to hurt more than anyone else is actually your family,” Fetterman added.

“It nearly ruined me, and I know it put my family through a lot of pain,” Fetterman continued.

Fetterman then claimed that mental health is an issue for Americans to grapple with no matter what their political affiliation.

“This is not a Democratic issue. This is not a Republican issue. This isn’t a hard Right, hard Left… this was just a human issue. There’s somebody living right now in a Red county that desperately needs mental health, and there is a person in a Blue county that needs to make somebody to speak to because they’re thinking of harming themselves, you know, and we all need something created as a national priority,” Fetterman told Hayes.

“I’m begging you, please go look for your treatment. It works, and it’s what saved me from my anguish,” Fetterman concluded.

Fetterman really buried the truth in this interview.

The real takeaway was Fetterman going on record and basically admitting that his stroke left him so debilitated that he could not cope with the fact that he would likely never make a full recovery.

Fetterman hid this truth from the voters in Pennsylvania in the last election.

The Fetterman campaign kept the true nature of his physical and mental impairment a secret because they knew if voters had accurate information about his health, then Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz would have won the race.

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