John Kennedy used Chicken McNuggets to put Democrats to shame for this cover-up

Apr 17, 2024

John Kennedy has a way with words like no one else in Congress.

He took off the gloves to blast Democrats for their latest political stunt. 

And John Kennedy used Chicken McNuggets to put Democrats to shame for this cover-up.

Senate Democrats are looking to bury the two Articles of Impeachment against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

51 votes would allow Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to table or dismiss the Articles.

That would mean not a single piece of evidence from the House is presented or an argument heard.

The trial would never happen and the problem would simply disappear for Democrats. 

This would not only save Mayorkas, but it would also spare President Joe Biden the headache of more bad headlines about the border crisis during an Election Year.

Democrats – who claim to care about Constitutional norms – would be taking the unprecedented action of not holding an impeachment trial.

U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) has been fighting to get his Senate colleagues to do their jobs and commit to holding a Mayorkas impeachment trial.

John Kennedy stuns onlookers with epic takedown 

“My Senate Democratic colleagues are seeking to table or maybe even dismiss an impeachment by the United States House of Representatives of a sitting Cabinet official and without holding a full trial,” Kennedy said. “If my Senate colleagues do that they will be summoning spirits that they won’t be able to control.”

Kennedy wasn’t holding anything back with his latest rhetorical masterpiece. 

“Let me say that again, Madam President, the United States House of Representatives!” Kennedy exclaimed. “We’re not talking about here some snow bro who lives off Chicken McNuggets and weed and happens to have an opinion. The United States House of Representatives elected by all of the American people spent months investigating our border policy and Secretary Mayorkas’ role in it.”

The Louisiana Senator pointed out that Democrats are ready to smash two centuries worth of precedent for short-term political gain.

“And then thoughtfully crafted and they passed with a majority vote, two Articles of Impeachment,” Kennedy said. “Now, my Senate Democratic colleagues want to toss them out in the trash like a week-old tuna salad sandwich without hearing from either side!”

“In the more than two centuries that this body has existed, we have never once tabled an impeachment. Not once!” Kennedy exclaimed. 

The Senate has never tabled or dismissed impeachment charges against an official they have jurisdiction over without the person resigning first.

Democrats are desperate to bury the alarming evidence about how bad the crisis on the border has become in order to protect Joe Biden in an Election Year.

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