Kamala Harris just spoke one sentence that could start World War III

Feb 22, 2023

Kamala Harris continues to embarrass America.

But now Harris’ blunders carry life and death implications.

And Kamala Harris just spoke one sentence that could start World War III.

Joe Biden once again dispatched Kamala Harris to attend the Munich Security Conference.

Harris traveled to Europe at this time last year in a final effort to avert war in Ukraine.

Like everything else Harris was ever tasked with in politics, that mission ended in failure.

The war in Ukraine is now in its second year.

Joe Biden continues to escalate the conflict at every turn by ramping up military equipment sent to the Ukrainians.

And now Biden and Kamala Harris took another step towards putting the United States and NATO on a course for direct conflict with Russia.

In her speech to the Munich Security Conference, Harris accused the Russian government of committing “crimes against humanity.”

“Their actions are an assault on our common values, an attack on our common humanity,” Harris said, before adding that Russia’s actions in the war are “barbaric and inhumane.”

“The United States has formally determined that Russia has committed crimes against humanity,” Harris continued.

Harris expressed America’s support for regime change in Russia by saying those who committed crimes against humanity and “their superiors” will be “held to account.” 

She also pledged that Putin and other top Russian leaders will face justice.

“Let us all agree: on behalf of all the victims, both known and unknown: justice must be served,” Harris declared.

Crimes against humanity are specific charges that can be brought before the International Criminal Court.

“In contrast with genocide, crimes against humanity do not need to target a specific group,” the United Nations website reads. “Instead, the victim of the attack can be any civilian population, regardless of its affiliation or identity. Another important distinction is that in the case of crimes against humanity, it is not necessary to prove that there is an overall specific intent.”

Last year when Biden traveled to Poland, he ad-libbed in a speech that Putin could not remain in power.

Biden’s handlers quickly walked back the quote over fears that calling for regime change in Russia could lead to nuclear escalation.

Now the Biden administration threw caution to the wind and openly bragged about tossing the top levels of the Russian government in jail.

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