Nikki Haley said one thing to Sean Hannity that will make Donald Trump’s blood boil

Jan 24, 2023

Nikki Haley served Donald Trump as his U.N. Ambassador.

But now Haley has other plans in mind.

And Nikki Haley said one thing to Sean Hannity that will make Donald Trump’s blood boil.

Despite the fact that polls show Haley with low single digit support, Haley is planning to announce her candidacy for President in 2024.

Haley is running as a full-throated member of the establishment Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan wing of the Republican Party.

As part of the build up to her eventual announcement Haley went on a Fox News media tour.

The latest stop was on Sean Hannity’s show where Hannity played a clip of Never-Trump fanatic Anna Navarro attacking Haley as a political shapeshifter.

“She stands for whatever is convenient at the moment,” Navarro declared.

“She’s been – first of all – anti-Trump forever,” Haley responded. “They can’t stand the fact a minority female would be conservative. They want me to hate Trump all the time. And the fact that I don’t, they find that highly offensive.”

However, it is not just liberals who believe Haley is a chameleon.

Conservatives have long distrusted Haley because like most establishment RINOs Haley moves whichever way the wind blows.

During the 2016 campaign, Haley endorsed Marco Rubio and slammed Trump as an “angry” voice for opposing amnesty.

Once in the administration Haley constantly undermined Donald Trump’s America First foreign policy by agitating for a John McCain-style agenda towards war in Syria.

During the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots, Haley sided with the mob rioting and looting in the streets, declaring Americans needed to feel pain, echoing the woke Left’s smear on America as a systemically racist nation.

After January 6, Haley told POLITICO Trump lost the moral authority to lead, only to reverse course after polls showed GOP voters sticking with Trump.

Haley then previewed her line of attack against Trump by attacking Trump without naming him for losing the popular vote twice.

“Look, it is time for a new generation, it is time for more leadership,” Haley claimed. “We cannot have another term of Joe Biden. And we have to remember, too – we have lost the last seven out of eight popular votes for president. It is time that we get a Republican in there that can lead and that win a general election.”

Hannity then asked Haley where she disagreed with Trump in policy.

“Right now, President Trump is the only announced Republican candidate,” Hannity said. “What policy differences do you have with Trump?”

Haley dodged that question knowing her opposition to Trump on immigration, foreign policy, and opposing the woke agenda was wildly unpopular with GOP voters.

Instead, Haley dropped another hint she was running for President by declaring “let the best woman win.”

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