Paul Ryan made a stunning 2024 announcement that will leave Trump red with rage

Mar 1, 2023

Paul Ryan is one of the establishment RINOs desperate to stop Donald Trump from winning in 2024.

Now Ryan is taking that crusade to the next level.

And Paul Ryan made a stunning 2024 announcement that will leave Trump red with rage.

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan already predicted on numerous occasions that Donald Trump cannot win the GOP nomination in 2024.

Ryan claims Republican voters will see that Trump cannot win the General Election and will choose another candidate.

But Ryan is lying.

Multiple polls, including an ABC/Washington Post poll and a Harvard/Harris survey, show Trump leading Biden.

With Ryan’s chief talking point debunked by the polls, he has now moved straight to direct sabotage.

In an interview with WISN ABC, Ryan announced he would not attend the 2024 GOP convention – which is being held in his home state of Wisconsin – if Trump is the nominee.

“Where will you be?” the reporter from WISN asked.

“It depends on who the nominee is,” Ryan responded. “I’ll be here if it’s not named somebody Trump.”

“You won’t show up if it’s someone —,” the reporter began before Ryan quickly cut him off.

“Yeah, I’m not interested in participating, no,” Ryan shot back.

“Even if it’s in Wisconsin?” the reporter followed up.

“Even Wisconsin,” Ryan stated.

With polls showing Trump leading Biden, Ryan knows he needs to take more affirmative steps to oppose the former President.

And by saying he will not attend the GOP convention, Ryan wants to send a message to establishment Republicans who may reluctantly fall in line behind Trump that they can vote for Joe Biden or sit out the General Election.

In truth, since Paul Ryan’s policy preferences are closer to Joe Biden’s than Donald Trump’s, it is not surprising that he would favor Biden.

Like Biden, Ryan supports open borders and amnesty.

Ryan is also a supporter of the globalist agenda in foreign policy and backs Joe Biden’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Facing the prospect of Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination, Ryan is finally coming out and admitting that he is a Democrat.

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