Popular conservative commentator Matt Walsh just called out Fox News Channel for parroting the woke narrative

May 16, 2023

Fox News Channel is facing some major hurdles after executives fired the network’s most-popular host, Tucker Carlson.

More and more conservative leaders are speaking out about Fox News Channel’s drift to the Left.

And popular conservative commentator Matt Walsh just called out Fox News Channel for parroting the woke narrative.

There is a truism in politics that you should never abandon your own base.

From ‘fair and balanced’ to leftist tripe

This truism also applies to the network news industry, as evidenced by Tucker Carlson’s firing.

Once the leader in cable news, Fox has fallen in the ratings and lost millions of viewers.

And while the firing of Tucker Carlson was the catalyst that kicked off the decline in ratings, there are even more problems at the once-proud network.

Ever since its beginnings, Fox News claimed to be unlike CNN, MSNBC, and other left-wing networks.

This drew millions of conservative viewers who liked the network’s “fair and balanced” approach.

Fox soon became the most-popular of all the cable news networks and regularly beat left-wing news outlets in the ratings.

The network filled its schedule with popular conservative hosts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

But conservatives started noticing in the last few years that Fox was drifting to the Left.

“This is not even a remotely conservative media outlet”

After Carlson’s firing, conservative commentators and leaders started speaking out about Fox News Channel.

The latest is popular conservative commentator Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire.

Walsh, who is well-known for fighting the dangerous dogmas of the radical LGBTQ movement, is calling out Fox News for using the pronouns preferred by people who identify as transgender.

According to Walsh, Fox is not a conservative media outlet.

“Fox continues to promote radical left-wing gender ideology by referring to men as ‘she.’ This is not even a remotely conservative media outlet. They have long since adopted the most extreme and absurd positions of the Left,” he tweeted.

In his tweet blasting Fox, Walsh pointed to an article on Fox News Channel’s website that used female pronouns for transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

“Mulvaney said that despite the hardships she has faced, she still tries to have ‘grace’ for her critics,” Fox News Channel wrote for the article’s subtitle.

After looking at other articles on the network’s website, there is a clear pattern of perpetuating the woke leftist transgender ideology rather than using accurate pronouns.

“I don’t think their average 75 year old viewer realizes how pro-trans Fox has become. Someone should really let them know,” Walsh said in another tweet.

Walsh is not the only one

Former Tennessee GOP Congressional candidate and conservative activist Robby Starbuck also called out Fox News Channel over this issue.

“Fox News is continuing to use the pronouns that delusional men demand they use,” Starbuck tweeted.

“Notice the framing too that this guy’s work was ‘all for naught’ because World Athletics grew a spine and didn’t let this man cheat by competing against women,” he continued. “What the heck is going on at Fox?”

More and more conservatives are finally realizing what many Ron Paul supporters have known for years.

They are realizing that Fox News should be called Faux News.

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