Tucker Carlson destroyed this RINO traitor for the sinister deal they proposed in Davos

Jan 19, 2023

Davos is home to the globalist gathering of the World Economic Forum.

That’s where the world’s elite hash out plans to impose open borders, the Green New Deal, and socialism.

And now Tucker Carlson destroyed this RINO traitor for the sinister deal they proposed in Davos.

RINO Florida Congresswoman Maria Salazar is one of the leading voices for amnesty and open borders in the Republican Party.

Salazar took that message to Davos and the World Economic Forum where she demanded amnesty for as many as 15,000,000 illegal aliens.

The Miami Congresswoman claimed giving “dignity” to illegal aliens was her number one concern.

“It’s time to seal the border . . . Put order. Let’s see who comes in and who doesn’t. And then turn around and give dignity – that doesn’t mean a path to citizenship – that means to include them and make them dignified members of our community,” Salazar stated.

Salazar then claimed it was her job in Congress to represent the interests of illegal aliens because they “look like me.”

“Those are the people that I represent,” Salazar added. “We’re talking about 13 to 15 million people, who are, most of them, Hispanics—I would say 85 percent—who speak my language, look like me and sound like me, that are contributing with the economy of this country and they live in the shadows.”

Tucker Carlson could not believe an American elected official would travel abroad and admit their top job in Congress was representing foreign nationals who entered the country illegally and wanted to collect welfare.

In the last Congress, Salazar pushed a mass amnesty act, which went nowhere because the Senate would not take it up.

But in this Congress, Mitch McConnell deputized pro-open borders RINO Thom Tillis to cut a deal with Democrats on amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

And if that legislation passes the Senate, then Salazar will be front and center in the House leading the charge on behalf of the illegal aliens she says she represents to send amnesty to Joe Biden’s desk.

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