Tucker Carlson shut down Lindsey Graham with one truth bomb about Ronald Reagan

Mar 17, 2023

Lindsey Graham is one of the biggest RINOs in all of Washington, D.C.

Graham is a frequent target of criticism from Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson.

And now Tucker Carlson shut down Lindsey Graham with one truth bomb about Ronald Reagan.

Lindsey Graham’s latest call for war with Russia – which will lead to nuclear Armageddon and the end of all human life on earth – came after Russian fighter jets downed a $32 million MQ-9 Reaper drone over the Black Sea.

The Russian jets crashed the American drone by colliding with its propeller.

Conservatives like Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump previously warned that Joe Biden constantly escalating his war against Russia would lead to incidents like this.

But Graham took it as the opportunity to go on Sean Hannity’s show and claim that Ronald Reagan would be shooting Russian planes out of the sky and therefore America should adopt an equally aggressive response to the downing of the drone.

“Well, we should hold them accountable and say that, ‘If you ever get near another U.S. asset flying in international waters, your airplane will be shot down,’” Graham declared. “What would Ronald Reagan do right now? He would start shooting Russian planes down if they were threatening our assets.”

Tucker Carlson blasted Lindsey Graham for lying about the memory of Ronald Reagan and his Presidency.

Carlson noted that in eight years in office, Reagan never declared war on Russia and actually went out of his way to avoid a full on conflict with the Soviets.

“What would Ronald Reagan do?” Carlson began. “Ooh, good question, Senator Graham. Ronald Reagan’s two-term Presidency was notable for the fact that he did not declare war on the Russian Air Force and therefore the United States did not go to war with Russia.”

Ronald Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot and sought diplomatic agreements with the Soviets that eventually brought a 40 plus year long conflict where the world lived on a knife’s edge of nuclear annihilation to an end.

Carlson told viewers that Reagan’s approach to checking the Soviet empire was the exact opposite of Lindsey Graham, who is calling for war with the world’s largest nuclear super power.

“Do you remember that?” Carlson added. “Seems like a long time ago. It’s pretty much the opposite of the approach being pushed right now by Lindsey Graham and his friends in the war party. Their plan is to ignore our borders in the United States, but to defend Ukraine.”

“We’re glad Ronald Reagan is not here to watch Lindsey Graham invoke his name to justify anti-American stupidity,” Carlson concluded.

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