Tucker Carlson’s jaw hit the floor when Kari Lake made him this shocking offer

May 1, 2023

Tucker Carlson is searching for his next opportunity in the media.

His future could hinge on one crucial detail.

And Tucker Carlson’s jaw hit the floor when Kari Lake made him this shocking offer.

The circumstances around Tucker Carlson’s stunning exit from Fox News are shrouded in mystery.

Even though Fox took the top-rated cable news host off of the air, in a text message to news outlet 19FortyFive, Carlson revealed that he was still under contract with the network.

The Murdoch family who owns Fox News is reportedly opposing former President Donald Trump’s Presidential comeback bid.

Canceling Carlson’s influential primetime show removed one of the strongest voices supporting Trump and his movement from the airwaves.

That confirmed a theory by former Fox News host Megyn Kelly that Carlson wasn’t fired from the network.

If Carlson is still under contract with the network, it likely prevents him from discussing any of the details around his current situation with Fox.

Carlson would still need to negotiate an exit from his Fox News contract before moving on to his next media venture.

Carlson is reportedly under contract through the 2024 Presidential election and Fox’s management could keep him sidelined throughout the entire race.

Kari Lake offers to help Tucker get back in the game for 2024

Former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake appeared on Newsmax to slam Fox’s decision to muzzle the most influential voice in conservative media.

“It’s very obvious right now that Fox News has become the establishment GOP, which is really uni-party Republicans,” Lake said. “They’re the ones who are really in bed with the Left.”

She added that Fox News did not want hosts like Tucker Carlson who presented an America First agenda.

“It’s the Democrats and the Republicans and the uni-party who are pushing a globalist agenda, and they can’t afford to have hosts who are pushing Americanism, who are America-first and love this country,” Lake continued. “They can’t afford to have a Tucker Carlson speaking out over the next year and a half because it will ruin their push towards globalism.”

With Carlson potentially off the air through the GOP Presidential Primary and General Election, conservatives are losing an important perspective.

“I worry, I don’t know what Tucker’s deal is, but I worry that he might still be under contract and they’re literally going to be paying him $10, $20, $30 million a year to just sit there and be quiet,” Lake explained. “We can’t afford to have Tucker Carlson’s voice silenced for a year and a half.”

Lake appealed directly to Carlson and offered to help get him back on the air.

“I don’t know if Tucker’s listening to this, but if he happens to hear it, I beg you, Tucker Carlson, to speak out,” Lake said. “Break the terms of that contract. We need your voice over the next year and a half to save our country. And if you get sued by your former employer, we will help create a defense fund to help you fight that lawsuit. We need your voice. We need every American’s voice who cares about this country in the next year and a half to save our Constitution and to save our country.”

Tucker Carlson’s presence could be one of the biggest wildcards in the upcoming Presidential election.

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