Whoopi Goldberg just announced a new personal project that will make you sick to your stomach

May 8, 2023

The Left’s woke ideology is destroying American society.

Whoopi Goldberg is now taking it as a personal challenge to ruin one of America’s most beloved past times.

And Whoopi Goldberg just announced a new personal project that will make you sick to your stomach.

Can the woke mob let us just have one nice thing in life?

Politics used to be confined to only a few areas of society.

It wasn’t that long ago when you could go throughout your day without being confronted with a political ideology or someone trying to indoctrinate you with their political beliefs.

But thanks to the woke ideology, virtually every single aspect of our daily lives is now infested with some political talking point thrusted on us by the Democrats.

Just look at your average work day.

Driving to work is now considered racist.

Saying “yes ma’am” to a woman at work can get you reprimanded or even fired by a disgruntled Democrat in the human resources department.

And when you get home from work and just want to unwind from the day, your favorite sports channel is inundated with commentators bowing down to the woke mob.

It’s impossible to escape the political radicalization of our society.

One of the biggest peddlers of this woke ideology is Whoopi Goldberg.

As a host on The View, Goldberg has made a name for herself as an attack dog for Democrats.

Republicans and the average American will never be seen in a good light by Goldberg or her fellow co-hosts on The View.

Most people in America wish that Goldberg would just stay in her lane of woke politics and out of their lives.

Captain Menopause

But Goldberg feels like she needs to ruin something Americans love: superheroes.

In a comic Goldberg is writing called The Change, a grandmother named Isabel Frost is going to become America’s latest superhero.

In the comic, Ms. Frost hits a mid-life crisis and becomes “stagnant.”

As she hits this mid-life crisis, she will be confronted with menopause.

But rather than using menopause to make someone else’s life miserable, Ms. Frost is going to use her menopause as a force for good to fight crime.

Powered by menopause, she will become America’s next crime fighting comic hero.

You can’t make this up.

What will Ms. Frost’s kryptonite be?

Just imagine Superman, Batman, or Captain America fighting Ms. Frost with her raging power of menopause.

Ask any long-time married man and he will warn you that menopause is no joke to mess around with.

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