Democrats just admitted one unbelievable truth about Trump’s court cases

Mar 7, 2024

Democrats filed as many lawsuits and criminal charges as possible against Donald Trump.

Their goal was to bankrupt, destroy, and imprison the former President.

But Democrats just admitted one unbelievable truth about Trump’s court cases.

Media comes clean that cases against Trump are all partisan shams 

The Supreme Court handed down a unanimous 9-0 ruling rejecting attempts by Democrats to ban Donald Trump from the ballot using Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

This ruling hit the media like a gut punch after broadcast networks put so-called “legal experts” on the air for months who claimed it was a no-brainer decision that the Court would ban Trump from the ballot by ruling him an insurrectionist.

In the wake of the ruling – as well as the Supreme Court keeping the January 6 trial in Washington, D.C., on ice as it waits to hear Trump’s Presidential immunity appeal – it’s beginning to dawn on Democrats that they can’t use the courts to rig 2024 and are going to have to beat Trump at the ballot box.

The website Axios made this confession official in an article entitled Reality bites Democrats: Courts won’t save them from Trump.

“For the second time in under a week, the Supreme Court delivered a major blow to Democrats’ hopes that an act of legal intervention would derail former President Trump’s chances of winning the 2024 election,” Axios Zachary Basu wrote.

“The sprawling efforts to hold Trump accountable for Jan. 6 — including through impeachment, criminal prosecution and the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause — appear unlikely to ripen before November,” Basu added.

The Biden campaign responds 

Biden’s campaign tried to distance itself from the attempt by members of their Party to steal away the American people’s right to vote for the candidate of their choice.

“We don’t really care,” principal deputy campaign manager Quentin Fulks stated.

“It’s not been the way we’ve been planning to beat Donald Trump,” Fulks added. “Our focus since day one of launching this campaign has been to defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box. And everything we’ve done since the President announced back in April that he’s running for reelection is to build an infrastructure and apparatus to do so.”

The 14th Amendment challenge put Biden in a bad spot because top advisor Mike Donilon told the New Yorker that the entirety of the campaign’s message to voters this November will be that Donald Trump is a threat to democracy because of January 6.

“In 2020, he and his campaign team had to decide whether to emphasize the economy or the more abstract idea that Trump imperiled the essence of America. ‘We bet on the latter,’ Donilon said, even though ‘our own pollsters told us that talking about ‘the soul of the nation’ was nutty.’ That experience fortified his belief that this year’s campaign should center on what he calls ‘the freedom agenda.’ By November, he predicted, ‘the focus will become overwhelming on democracy. I think the biggest images in people’s minds are going to be of January 6,’” the New Yorker’s Evan Osnos wrote.

But Biden can’t present himself as the defender of democracy when his Party wants to allow partisan state election officials to pick and choose if the political opposition gets to field a candidate in an election.

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