Donald Trump gave one revealing answer to a question about being President

Mar 15, 2024

Donald Trump’s four years in office were like nothing anyone had ever seen.

Trump faced unprecedented opposition from the Deep State and the media.

And Donald Trump gave one revealing answer to a question about being President.

Trump gives first interview as presumptive GOP Presidential nominee 

Newsmax’s Greg Kelly held the first interview with Donald Trump after he officially clinched the GOP nomination with wins in the Georgia, Mississippi, and Washington State Primaries.

During Donald Trump’s first term, he was undermined repeatedly with bureaucrats; the FBI, the CIA, the National Security Council, and the media all colluding to stonewall his administration.

Kelly wondered how Trump dealt with the constant threat of his own government working against him and asked him if he ever gets lonely.

“Mr. President, I’m very curious about what it’s like for you, your life,” Kelly began. “No one’s gone through what you’ve gone through. Nobody in human history has really – and I know you have supporters, friends, family. They say it’s lonely at the top, and I’m actually curious. Is it ever lonely for you? I mean, no one can fully relate to what you’ve been through and what you’re going through. Are you ever lonely?”

Trump responds to attacks and investigations 

Trump said he studied the history of Presidents going back to Andrew Jackson – whose portrait he hung in the Oval Office – and said none of them ever faced an internal sabotage campaign like he did.

“And I look now – even last night I was saying it. I said there’s no – I don’t care, Andrew Jackson or anybody else. Nobody has – when you think of the fake things, nobody’s been treated like Trump in terms of badly,” Trump stated.

Trump then listed all the hoaxes he had to fend off and told Kelly that the country would be in far better shape if the people trying to drive him from office through these phony investigations spent as much time worrying about the actual problems faced by the American people.

“Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. Everything was a scam and it literally starts a new one. As you win one, you start the other impeachment hoax number one, impeachment hoax number two. All hoaxes and scams. And I said, if they ever devoted their time to making America great again. It would be a lot easier,” Trump concluded.

Democrats lost their minds over the 2016 election.

The polarization and division that consumed the nation’s politics over the last eight years owes to the fact that the Left couldn’t accept Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

Instead, the Left concocted a conspiracy theory about Trump and the Russians and then proceeded to trash every single Democratic norm to try and find some legal or bureaucratic loophole to remove him from office under the delusion that democracy in America would end if he remained in power.

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