Laura Ingraham was speechless after a Nikki Haley donor uttered these three words

Feb 2, 2024

Nikki Haley is the GOP establishment’s last best hope to take back power.

Many of her supporters refuse to see the writing on the wall after her crushing defeat in New Hampshire.

And Laura Ingraham was speechless after a Nikki Haley donor uttered these three words.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley staked her campaign on winning the New Hampshire Primary to change the trajectory of the race for the Republican nomination.

Haley had everything going for her in a state that was a must-win for her campaign.

She had a favorable electorate of RINO New England Republicans and Independents who could vote in the GOP Primary.

Former President Donald Trump was outspent by Haley and the groups backing her by a two to one margin in New Hampshire.

Despite having the ideal scenario for her to get a victory, Haley still lost the New Hampshire Primary by 11 points.

After losing New Hampshire, it became clear that Haley had no shot to win the Republican nomination with the Primary moving to more conservative states.

She lost the first two contests by double digits and is trailing in her home state of South Carolina by more than 30 points in the polls.

Haley’s campaign is doomed, but some of her establishment donors still can’t accept the fact they’re not retaking control of the Republican Party.

Billionaire Haley donor Frank Laukien appeared on Fox News and told host Laura Ingraham that the former South Carolina Governor has a “very good chance” to win the Republican nomination.

Ingraham pressed Laukien on why he’s continuing to support Haley and dividing the GOP by prolonging the Primary.

“All you guys are doing now is helping Biden,” Ingraham said.

Laukien said that the choice is up to the people and predicted that Haley will “pull in a lot of voters” as the race continues.

“I think it’s the American people who get to have a say … We’re very clear,” Laukien said. “We think the candidate for the future is Nikki Haley and we’re gonna support her very strongly. I think she will pull in as she gets better known. I think she will pull in a lot of voters.”

According to Laukien, voters will come around to Haley once they get a closer look. 

Ingraham asked him whether he thought that Haley could win her home state of South Carolina.

“I don’t know, but we’re focusing on South Carolina and Super Tuesday. I think she has a chance to advance further and right now she’s the underdog, but I think it would be absolutely the wrong time to give up,” Laukien stated. “I think we have a very good chance to do what this country wants, namely 70% don’t want a Trump-Biden rematch.”

Ingraham pointed out that voters didn’t turn out for Haley in Iowa or New Hampshire, but Laukien attributed that to her not having the same name recognition as Trump.

“Everybody knows who she is. I mean that’s just ridiculous,” Ingraham responded.

The Republican establishment can’t accept that the GOP base wants nothing to do with their hand-picked candidate Nikki Haley.

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