Letitia James was grinning from ear to ear after this Judge’s ruling

Mar 1, 2024

New York Attorney General Letitia James is out for blood against Donald Trump.

James is about to drain Trump dry.

And Letitia James was grinning from ear to ear after this Judge’s ruling.

Trump appeals Engoron’s ruling  

Donald Trump appealed Democrat Judge Arthur Engoron’s $364 million ruling against him in the civil fraud suit where James never proved that he defrauded anyone.

To appeal the ruling, New York law requires Trump to put up a bond of the entire judgment plus interest, meaning he only had 30 days to come up with $460 million in order to challenge this un-American decision.

Trump’s lawyers appealed by saying that he should only have to post a $100 million bond since Judge Engoron’s decision also barred him from doing business with any bank located in New York, making it impossible for him to secure a loan to post the bond.

“The exorbitant and punitive amount of the judgment coupled with an unlawful and unconstitutional blanket prohibition on lending transactions would make it impossible to secure and post a complete bond,” Trump’s lawyers argued.

James fired back and said this showed that Trump didn’t have the money to post the bond to appeal the ruling, which would allow her to begin seizing his assets to satisfy the judgment.

“There is no merit to defendants’ contention that a full bond or deposit is unnecessary because they are willing to post a partial undertaking of less than a quarter of the judgment amount,” James’ filing read. “Defendants all but concede that Mr. Trump has insufficient liquid assets to satisfy the judgment; defendants would need ‘to raise capital’ to do so.”

Judge rules against Trump

The appellate court Judge ruled against Trump.

However, he did stay Engoron’s ban on Trump doing business with banks in New York, which allowed him to attempt to secure a loan.

But now every bank in New York must weigh loaning Trump the money against the prospect of him losing the appeal and owing New York $460 million on top of the loan amount.

That was the devious nature of the scheme cooked up by Engoron and James.

Even though the fine clearly violates his Eighth Amendment right against excessive fines, they structured this decision in such a way as to make it impossible for Trump to appeal.

In a post on Truth Social following the ruling, Trump slammed the case James brought as a political vendetta that should terrify anyone thinking of doing business in New York.

“I did nothing wrong, except build a successful and very liquid company, owning some of the Greatest Properties in the World, and defeat Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democrats in the 2016 Presidential Election, an Election which a Republican was not expected to win. I am now the Presumptive Republican Nominee, and likewise, dominating Joe Biden, the Democrat Nominee, in the Polls. This is a Weaponized Attack on Joe Biden’s Political Opponent, unlike anything that has happened in the History of the United States. This is a Political Witch Hunt, and will lead to the destruction of New York State, with businesses and people fleeing by the thousands, while criminals continue to roam the streets. We will continue to appeal until Justice prevails!” Trump posted.

The ability to earn a living now depends on staying on the good side of Democrat politicians who have proven that they will carry out vindictive court cases to try and bankrupt anyone who crosses them.

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