A liberal comedian destroyed Joe Biden with this simple truth about Donald Trump’s trials

Feb 9, 2024

Joe Biden thought arresting and prosecuting Donald Trump would hand him victory in the Presidential election.

But Biden just got some bad news.

And now a liberal comedian destroyed Joe Biden with this simple truth about Donald Trump’s trials.

Real Time host Bill Maher expressed a growing level of panic about the state of play in the race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Maher has been speaking out and saying what the majority of people think — that Biden should step aside so Democrats can pick a new candidate.

“I think I’m where a lot of people are: I wish Biden would step aside,” Maher began.

Maher then expressed doubt that putting Donald Trump on trial would only make him more popular because Americans would see a ruling regime putting a “revolutionary leader” on trial.

“Well, first, I wish Trump doesn’t win, but he totally could, and it’s looking more like he will. But a lot can change in a year. We haven’t had any of his trials—although if the January 6 commission and the media and everything else haven’t changed people’s minds about liking him, I think these trials are only going to make him look like a revolutionary leader,” Maher began.

Maher said all Trump had to do was point out that the mere act of putting the leader of the political opposition on trial proves the corrupt intent of the proceeding.

This, Maher said, would turn into a political win for Trump.

“All you have to say is, ‘The people who put me on trial were corrupt!’ And then your ignominious behavior becomes a badge of honor. So whether the trials are going to help or hurt him, it’s hard to say. I think it’ll be about a draw, and then it’ll really be a referendum on which side is crazier,” Maher added.

On this, Maher gets to say, “I told you so.”

Back in March, Maher warned that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicting Trump on obviously sham charges would come back to bite Democrats.

“I just would like to go on record in saying I think this is a colossal mistake if they bring these charges. Not this one, you know,” Maher said at the time. “I mean, yes, he’s done a lot of bad things, and I’m sure he did this — everything they accused him of [doing], he did. But first of all, it’s not gonna work. It’s gonna be rocket fuel for his 2024 campaign. And it’s just gonna look to MAGA nation like, ‘Oh, you know, you tried with Mueller, you tried with Ukraine, you tried with January 6. Now we go to the porn star? Really? You’re down to that?!’” Maher declared.

Time proved Maher right.

From the moment Bragg indicted Trump, his poll numbers in both the GOP Primary and in the General Election against Joe Biden grew stronger.

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