A top ally of Donald Trump just let the cat out of the bag on why Biden must be impeached

Feb 14, 2023

The Biden administration is in panic mode.

The dwindling economy, national security issues, and Hunter’s scandals have Joe in a tizzy.

And now a top ally of Donald Trump just let the cat out of the bag on why Biden must be impeached.

“When it rains, it pours” is an old saying that rings true right now for Joe Biden.

From Hunter to Chinese spy balloons  

Despite Joe Biden’s claims, the economy is worsening.

House Republicans have finally forced the Department of Justice to investigate Hunter Biden.

Even Hunter now admits the infamous “laptop from hell” belongs to him.

But the nation was transfixed as a Communist Chinese spy balloon traveled across the country without being shot down until it reached the Atlantic Ocean.

In fact, most observers believe the only reason the spy balloon was acknowledged at all by Biden is because some Montana citizens pointed it out.

According to one top Trump operative, the Communist Chinese sent the balloon on its cross-country journey for one major reason.

Biden’s spy balloon cover-up

The Chinese sent the balloon to show their complete total dominance over the United States and to humiliate Joe Biden. 

And the Biden regime covered it all up for as long as they could.

According to Trump advisor Steve Bannon, the administration knew about the balloon as early as January 28th. 

And Bannon believes it was kept a secret as long as possible for one reason. 

Biden and his comrades were hoping to keep it quiet so Secretary of State Anthony Blinken could still make his planned trip to China to bow down at the altar of the Communist.

“And between Ukraine and what’s happening with the CCP, people should understand, as we’ve been saying for a long time, the third world war is off to the races so everybody better adjust accordingly,” Bannon said.

Bannon recently appeared on the conservative talk radio show, The John Fredericks Show, to discuss the Chinese spy balloon.

Brutally blunt Bannon 

When asked by the host why the Communist Chinese sent the spy balloon, Bannon was brutally blunt.

“They knew what the Biden administration was going to do,” Bannon said. “The Biden administration wasn’t going to do anything,” he continued, before adding, “remember, if you look off the Aleutian Islands, we have an incredibly sophisticated tracking system.”

And it worked.

“The White House knew on the 28th, no later than the 28th of January, that the balloon had been picked up coming over the Aleutian Islands and over Alaskan airspace and taking obviously all the photographs of all the highly sensitive and classified things we have in Alaska,” Bannon said. “They knew it.”

Bannon went on to explain that Biden did exactly what the Chinese assumed he would do by playing right into their hands.

“They covered it up. They didn’t tell anybody. The Chinese were monitoring that. Think about it,” Bannon commented.

And as Bannon pointed out, the only reason Biden ever acknowledged the spy balloon was because “some guy works at the Billings Gazette in Montana because somebody here says, hey, I think there’s a UFO flying over, circling over essentially the ICBM fields of central north Montana.” 

“So, the Biden administration lied,” Bannon continued. “To me, this is impeachable.”

“I think the Republicans have got to go all-in on every aspect to get a massive investigation and let’s impeach this guy as soon as possible,” he added.

Steve Bannon is absolutely correct. 

Biden’s constant lies are no longer a running joke.

It is a threat to national security. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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