A top Republican made one prediction about South Carolina that Nikki Haley will hate

Feb 9, 2024

Nikki Haley is holding out hope that she can make the GOP Primary a horse race.

The establishment is pouring money into her campaign to spring an upset.

But a top Republican made one prediction about South Carolina that Nikki Haley will hate.

The Republican Presidential Primary is headed to South Carolina, the home of the first Primary in the South.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is making a big bet that she can turn around her struggling campaign in her home state.

She suffered double-digit losses to former President Donald Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire and didn’t even contest the Nevada Caucus.

Haley had her best month of fundraising to date in January.

She hauled in $16.5 million as the establishment money rolled into her coffers.

South Carolina GOP Chair: Nikki Haley needs to consider throwing in the towel

South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick predicted that Trump would walk away from his state’s Primary with a big win later this month.

He pointed to the massive edge Trump has in polling in South Carolina, which shows him leading Haley by nearly 30 points.

“Well, you know, I think what we’ve seen so far is that the polls have been fairly accurate,” McKissick told Just the News, No Noise. “When you look at the polls down here, just based on, you know, anecdotal evidence and conversations I’ve had, organization I’ve seen on the ground, you know, again, I think the polls have been fairly accurate, and it would not shock me to see that those to be accurate again.”

McKissick said that the clock is ticking for Haley to turn her campaign around.

“And after this week Donald Trump will be 3-0 as far as the contests relating to delegates. He will win all the delegates over in Nevada. And then we’ve got South Carolina where the winner takes all from here. You get one more vote than anybody else and win all 50 of our delegates,” McKissick added. “You know, it looks like he will be 4-0 most likely after South Carolina.”

According to McKissick, staying in the race when it’s clear that she has no shot of winning could anger Republicans and put a damper on any future Presidential ambitions she may have.

“It makes things impractical,” McKissick explained. “And that’s the question they’re going to have to deal with: how far do they go and potentially risk maybe alienating voters that they might like to speak to four years from now? There’s gonna be another campaign in the future. So that’s a question they’re gonna have to deal with fairly soon.”

Haley is vowing that she is going to continue on to Super Tuesday in March, no matter what the results are in South Carolina.

It’s bad for a Presidential candidate to lose their home state.

Getting trounced is even worse for Haley.

The South Carolina Primary could be the final nail in the coffin of Nikki Haley’s faint hope of becoming the Republican nominee.

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