John Kerry had everyone talking treason with this sickening double cross

Jan 19, 2023

John Kerry lost the 2004 Presidential Election for a reason.

Americans are thankful for that fact.

And now John Kerry had everyone talking treason with this sickening double cross.

Biden administration climate czar John Kerry traveled to Davos to double down on the administration’s support imposing socialism on America through the Green New Deal and the Great Reset.

Kerry and Biden are so committed to the globalist climate agenda that Kerry was willing to even heap praise on America’s number one enemy, Communist China.

Communist China seeks to supplant the United States as the world’s number one super power.

The Communist Chinese are the world’s number one emitter of carbon emissions.

Countries like Communist China love engaging in so-called “climate change” because globalist agreements to limit fossil fuels hamper the U.S. economy and largely ignore “developing” countries like Communist China.

In an interview on CNN International Kerry thanked Communist China for working on renewable fuels.

“Well, we should be hopeful, certainly. No, the world cannot get to where we have to get to to avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis without China being there and being helpful. Now, we’re engaged, again, in conversations with China. I’m encouraged. I think China is doing a lot more than people think in trying to deploy renewables, manufacture the renewables. We’d like to see more in terms of moving away from coal and so forth. But we have to work together. We have to work together with an ability to recognize our common responsibility and to come to the table and help the rest of the world,” Kerry began.

Kerry then expressed hope that Communist China and the United States could come to some sort of agreement on so-called “climate change.”

“And if China and the United States can move on some of these things right now in these next months, that will make a gigantic difference. It’s one of the top things that one should try to achieve, because it will accelerate action by everybody else and it will facilitate that transformation. It will also help a lot of people in various parts of the world who are suspicious of what China is doing or not doing to see that China is there, is part of the solution, not the problem and at least addressing the problem in a very serious way. And that would help everybody,” Kerry added.

Communist China is the number one evil in the world today.

The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t give a rip about carbon emissions or the climate crisis.

Communist China cares about world domination.

And the Communist Chinese will exploit any so-called “climate change” – which Communist China knows is a hoax – to trick the United States into a deal that will destroy the U.S. energy industry.

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