Nikki Haley suffered one humiliating defeat that should force this big decision

Feb 9, 2024

Nikki Haley is the establishment’s last hope to stop Donald Trump.

If that is the case, the anti-Trump movement is in big trouble.

And that’s because Nikki Haley suffered one humiliating defeat that should force this big decision.

The state of Nevada held a bizarre two-phase nominating contest.

Nevada traditionally held a Caucus where it handed out its delegates to the National Convention.

But Democrats turned against caucuses following the debacle in Iowa in 2020, and in 2021, Nevada Democrats signed a law mandating a state-run Primary.

Republicans sued, and a Judge allowed the state Party to hold a Caucus that would decide who won the 26 delegates.

But there would also be a Primary since it was mandated by state law.

However, the Primary was meaningless and awarded no delegates.

Donald Trump didn’t even file to put his name on the Primary ballot.

“Your Primary vote doesn’t mean anything. It’s your Caucus vote,” Trump told supporters at a rally in Las Vegas. “So in your state, you have both the Primary and you have a Caucus. Don’t worry about the Primary, just do the Caucus thing.”

Nikki Haley refused to pay the $55,000 to the Nevada Republican Party to enter the Caucus.

This set up a situation where Trump was guaranteed to win all 26 delegates coming out of Nevada.

And it also called into question Haley’s decision to continue this race to South Carolina.

That’s because Nevada allows voters to choose “none of the above” when they cast their ballot.

And in the GOP Primary, “none of the above” crushed Haley by 60 to 33 percent in one of the most embarrassing defeats any candidate has ever suffered.

Conservatives are done with Haley.

Haley supported the border betrayal bill in the Senate because it’s the pathway to passing more funding for Ukraine.

Haley defended the cases brought against Donald Trump.

Haley showed she’s willing to suck up to the Left by appearing on Saturday Night Live to make fun of Donald Trump.

Republicans sent the message to Haley that it’s time to get out of the race and unify behind Donald Trump.

The Trump campaign mocked Haley for losing to “none of the above” in a landslide.

“More embarrassment coming in South Carolina …the @NikkiHaley Delusional Tour continues,’ Trump campaign senior advisor Chris LaCivita posted on social media.

Haley will now face a major decision about actually following through on competing in the South Carolina Primary since she knows her political career is over with a blowout loss in her home state.

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