You won’t believe what one CNN host said about putting Donald Trump on trial

Mar 6, 2024

CNN isn’t a network where Donald Trump or conservatives can expect to get a fair shake.

The network spent the last eight years calling Donald Trump every name in the book.

And you won’t believe what one CNN host said about putting Donald Trump on trial.

CNN host expresses skepticism of Jack Smith’s rush to put Donald Trump on trial

Jack Smith is desperate to get Donald Trump inside a federal courtroom before Election Day.

Smith’s best chance to win a conviction against Trump – the rigged show trial in Washington, D.C., for contesting the 2020 election – is on pause thanks to the Supreme Court agreeing to hear his Presidential immunity appeal.

Smith just filed a new proposed trial schedule for the Mar-a-Lago documents case and requested a July 8 trial date.

CNN’s Michael Smerconish was highly dubious of Smith’s push for a quick trial and believed it bordered on election interference.

“Where’s the line for when it becomes inappropriate to try Trump?” Smerconish asked his audience.

The Department of Justice manual says prosecutors shouldn’t make any decisions about charging or pursuing a case within 60 days of an election.

Smerconish put a poll up for his audience asking if putting Trump on trial during the fall of 2024 – as Smith obviously wants to do – would violate this policy and unfairly hurt Trump.

“Is it 60 days before an election? Is it 90 days before an election? There’s no precedent for this situation, no rule book governs this particular scenario. Truly, we are in uncharted waters. And Merrick Garland is holding a lot of the cards. It all leads me to today’s poll question today at, go and vote on this: Is it appropriate for the DOJ to try Trump in the fall of 2024?” Smerconish asked.

CNN viewers want Trump in jail

Unsurprisingly, CNN’s viewers want Trump on trial and in jail before the November election, as 88 percent responded that it’s fair to try him in the fall.

Trump being on trial doesn’t just mean his freedoms are at risk, it also means he can’t campaign since a criminal trial requires the defendant to attend.

Smerconish scolded his audience for their lopsided response and joked that his viewers didn’t want a trial, they just wanted to see Trump in prison.

“Nearly 40,000 have voted so far and 88% are saying, ‘Yes?’ My, my disappointment is — put that camera on me for a second. It’s not that lop-sided a question. It is not a, it is not a 90 percenter. Like, you’re making me think that, if instead the poll question today was, “Why don’t we just dispense with the trial and move right to the sentencing phase?” That would probably get 82% of the audience today! No. It’s the wrong answer, at least by that margin. It’s a much closer call,” Smerconish lamented.

A criminal trial of Donald Trump during the fall is the ultimate act of election interference.

If Jack Smith didn’t think it would affect the election and hand the White House to Joe Biden, then he wouldn’t be so hell-bent on completing a trial – any trial – before the election.

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