You won’t believe who is promising to leave the country if Donald Trump wins

Feb 27, 2024

It’s a story that gets told every election season.

Leftists think they can blackmail Americans into voting for Democrats if they make outrageous enough threats.

And you won’t believe who is promising to leave the country if Donald Trump wins.

As co-host of the Today Show and lead anchor for the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric served as the queen of left-wing media bias for many years.

Couric’s political affiliation is no longer in doubt after she attended a Silicon Valley fundraiser for Joe Biden.

At the event, Biden pointed to Couric and told the crowd that two journalists she worked with claimed they would flee the country if Donald Trump wins re-election, baselessly claiming he would assume dictatorial powers and jail his political opponents.

“Two of your former colleagues — not at the same network — personally told me if he wins, they will have to leave the country because he’s threatened to put them in jail,” Biden stated.

Since Couric worked at NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and Yahoo News, Biden has a wide pool of former Couric colleagues to pull from.

Biden even admitted he’s a failed President and that his campaign strategy depends on lying to the American people about democracy being at stake in the election.

“I’m not the gift of all Presidents, but I’m sure as hell better than the last guy,” Biden added.

“He embraces political violence. No President since the Civil War has done that. Embrace it. Encourage it,” Biden added.

Donald Trump never embraced or encouraged political violence.

This is the big lie Joe Biden and the media tell about January 6, where Trump told his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” protest.

Biden also told another disgusting lie about Trump supporters and falsely claimed that they killed police officers and other people on January 6.

“He calls them patriots, saying if he gets elected he’s going to pardon them. They killed cops. They killed people,” Biden added.

No police officers died on January 6.

The only individuals who lost their lives on January 6 were Trump supporters like Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed 34-year-old Air Force veteran who was gunned down by a Capitol Hill Police Officer.

For all of the howling about misinformation in the media, journalists never seem eager to fact-check when Joe Biden repeatedly tells this falsehood that Trump supporters murdered police officers on January 6.

Biden isn’t even trying to win the election on his record.

His comments to his biggest donors suggest that even the cognitively impaired Biden won’t pretend he is a good or transformational President.

Instead, his entire campaign will rely on lies and scare stories to frighten Americans into voting for him.

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