A Hollywood star crossed the line by calling Donald Trump one ugly name

Apr 16, 2024

Actors in Hollywood constantly try to top one another to see who can hurl the most vitriolic attacks at Donald Trump and his supporters.

It’s a tiring act for many Americans.

And now a Hollywood star crossed the line by calling Donald Trump one ugly name.

Reacher star smears Trump as a rapist and attacks his supporters

Alan Ritchson – who stars as Jack Reacher in the hit Amazon Prime series Reacher – cuts an imposing, comic book superhero-like figure with his 6’3 240 pound frame.

But Ritchson clearly has no interest in acting like a superhero and serving as a unifying figure in American pop culture.

Ritchson took the opportunity of an interview with Hollywood Reporter to virtue signal for his fellow entertainment industry leftists and falsely claimed that Donald Trump was a rapist and smeared his Evangelical Christian supporters as frauds.

“Trump is a rapist and a con man, and yet the entire Christian church seems to treat him like he’s their poster child, and it’s unreal,” Ritchson told the Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t understand it.”

“Christians today have become the most vitriolic tribe. It is so antithetical to what Jesus was calling us to be and to do,” Ritchson added.

Christians support the Republican Party for a simple reason.

It’s the only available vehicle to advance their beliefs.

Democrats support abortion-on-demand, transgender ideology, and homosexual marriage.

There is no home on the Left for Christians.

Ritchson also took aim at the Catholic Church by saying it was full of pedophiles.

“It’s worth saying that the atrocities that are happening in the church that are being actively covered up, even to this day with people not being held accountable, is repulsive,” Ritchson continued. “I can’t for one second support the Catholic Church while there are still cardinals, bishops, and priests being passed around with known pedophilic tendencies.”

Hollywood leftists love mocking Christians

Religion is always an easy target in Hollywood.

Actors, musicians, and stand-up comedians love to poke at Americans who believe – but they only limit their jokes and barbs to Christians since the Jewish and Muslim faiths are off limits – because it’s always good for a cheap laugh on the Left.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if the celebrities who spout off these offensive attacks on Christians even believe what they are saying.

It’s a poorly kept secret in Hollywood that some actors feel obligated to publicly align themselves with the Democrat Party and their political causes in order to keep getting work.

This creates a 1984-like situation where entertainers live in fear that the dominant faction will exile them if they don’t profess their loyalty loudly enough.

Disney firing Star Wars actress Gina Carano over her conservative political beliefs served as a warning shot to everyone else in the industry.

Leftists treat silence as complicity, and anyone who doesn’t openly pledge their allegiance to the Left risks losing out on future gigs since studio executives view them as politically suspect.

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