A judge just stopped one Joe Biden border betrayal that had Americans breathing a sigh of relief

May 16, 2023

Joe Biden created a crisis along America’s southern border.

But Biden just got it with a nasty curveball.

And a judge just stopped one Joe Biden border betrayal that had Americans breathing a sigh of relief.

Judge T. Kent Wetherell II issued a ruling enforcing a two-week pause on Joe Biden’s scheme to release illegal aliens into America without a court date.

Biden used the end of Title 42 to take advantage of what is called “release without parole,” which allows the government to set individuals claiming asylum free if they face humanitarian conditions.

The Biden administration claimed that the overcrowding in Border Patrol detention facilities allowed him to turn illegal aliens loose in America on the honor system where it is up to the them to make an appointment with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to appear for their asylum hearing.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody sued the Biden administration over this policy.

Judge Wetherell agreed and ruled that this “release without parole” scheme was virtually identical to a plan by Biden to empty detention facilities along the southern border that he already blocked.

“The Court has no trouble concluding that Florida has a substantial likelihood of success on the merits because the challenged policy appears to be materially indistinguishable from the Parole+ATD policy vacated in Florida—both in its purpose (reducing overcrowding at border patrol facilities) and manner of operation (releasing aliens into the country without first issuing a charging document placing them in immigration proceedings and simply directing the aliens to report to ICE within a specified period for further processing),” Judge Wetherell wrote.

Judge Wetherell slammed Biden for not lifting a finger to secure the border or working with Congress to pass an extension of Title 42.

Rather, Judge Wetherell wrote that the administration seized on the impending crisis to create new magnets for illegal immigration into America.

“Putting aside the fact that even President Biden recently acknowledged that the border has been in chaos for ‘a number of years,’ Defendants’ doomsday rhetoric rings hollow because, as explained in detail in Florida, this problem is largely one of Defendants’ own making through the adoption an implementation of policies that have encouraged the so-called ‘irregular migration’ that has become fairly regular over the past two years,” Judge Wetherell added.

Joe Biden and the Democrats want open borders and massive numbers of illegal aliens entering the country.

Biden believes creating a crisis that reaches critical mass is the only way to force Republicans to accept amnesty as part of a “comprehensive” immigration bill.

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