A top Democrat hit Joe Biden with an ultimatum that forced one tragic choice

Jan 20, 2023

2023 is not off to a good start for Joe Biden.

The pressure on Biden from his own Party continues to grow.

And a top Democrat hit Joe Biden with an ultimatum that forced one tragic choice.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott began busing illegal aliens Joe Biden released in Texas to Democrat-run sanctuary cities like New York City.

Abbott and other conservatives wanted to highlight how Democrats claim immigration makes America stronger while at the same time expecting border states to shoulder the entire burden of Biden’s open borders agenda.

After Abbott sent a few thousand illegal aliens to New York City, Mayor Eric Adams threw a temper tantrum.

Adams said his city was full and faced a crisis from housing only a tiny fraction of the illegal aliens Joe Biden dumped into border towns like El Paso.

At the Conference of Mayors, Adams delivered a speech demanding Biden grant amnesty to illegal aliens and equally distribute them across the country.

“Today I am calling for a national response to the asylum seeker crisis, which includes six main points,” Adams began.

Adams then listed off the remaining open borders agenda items that Joe Biden never got around to imposing.

“A dedicated point-person whose sole focus is overseeing and coordinating our national asylum seeker response, a decompression strategy at the border that establishes a plan for each migrant’s arrival — and creates a system to fairly distribute newcomers regionally, Congressional funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to implement that strategy in the places of greatest need, expedited right to work options for asylum seekers who are allowed to enter the country, Congressional legislation that provides a clear pathway to residency or citizenship for those who enter this country legally, and nationwide leadership that takes an all-hands-on-deck approach by bringing together nonprofits, the faith-based community, and the private sector, alongside state and local government, to meet this challenge,” Adams stated.

Joe Biden’s pro-amnesty and pro-open borders policies are wildly unpopular with the broader electorate.

But they are also the consensus position in the Democrat Party.

And as the scandal involving Joe Biden stealing classified documents continues to grow, he cannot afford to bleed any support from Democrats.

Biden will be forced to pick between alienating his base or alienating the country with how he handles the border crisis that he created.

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