A top star at CNN was forced to make this confession about Donald Trump that no one saw coming

May 18, 2023

CNN and Donald Trump have been at war for years.

The conflict just took a strange turn.

And a top star at CNN was forced to make this confession about Donald Trump that no one saw coming.

Special Counsel John Durham finally dropped his long-awaited report into the origins of the Russian-collusion hoax witch hunt that the FBI spent years running against Donald Trump.

Durham concluded that the FBI had no basis to open a counterintelligence investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign for nonexistent connections to the Russian government.

CNN’s Jake Tapper – who spent years relentlessly promoting the Big Lie about Trump and Russia while regularly giving air time to election deniers like Adam Schiff – had to suck down the rotten egg of admitting on air that the report exonerated Donald Trump.

Tapper then brought on CNN justice correspondent Evan Perez, who threw further dirt on the Russian-collusion hoax.

“Durham finally released his report, finding that the FBI in his view should have never launched a full investigation into possible connections between Donald Trump, his campaign, his advisers and allies, and Russia during the 2016 election,” Tapper stated.

Perez explained to CNN’s viewers – who the network fed a steady diet of lies about Trump and Russia over the years – that Durham found that the FBI ignored exculpatory evidence about the Trump campaign to instead plow ahead with the unhinged conspiracy theory that he was somehow in league with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Well, Jake, the bottom line that John Durham finds is that, you know, there was reason for the FBI to at least do some preliminary investigation, some lower-level types of investigations. But he repeatedly says that he doesn’t believe that the FBI took into account a lot of information that was, that they had in their possession,” Perez answered.

Tapper was shocked by this finding.

“That was exculpatory?” Tapper wondered in response.

Perez confirmed Tapper’s worst fear and reported that Durham found the FBI moved forward in the investigation with blinders on.

“That would have been exculpatory, that would have explained some of their suspicions that they have had about Donald Trump, about some of the people surrounding his campaign,” Perez stated.

Durham’s report confirmed what Donald Trump said for years, which was that the Russian-collusion probe was a hoax based on lies paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

And CNN had no choice but to report the truth.

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