Bud Light had one response to the boycott that no one ever expected

Apr 28, 2023

The backlash to Bud Light going woke continues to grow.

Company executives are starting to panic.

And Bud Light had one response to the boycott that no one ever expected.

Anheuser Busch destroyed Bud Light’s image by entering into a marketing deal with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Bud Light’s customer base was horrified that Bud Light promoted a man wearing a dress and claiming he was a girl as a lifestyle that the company stood for and encouraged others to join in on.

A grassroots backlash popped up and Bud Light sales were down 17 percent as of April 15.

CEO Branden Whitworth issued an apology where he begged for forgiveness and promised not to involve Anheuser Busch in any more culture war disputes.

The company also announced that the two woke marketing executives responsible for the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco – VP of Marketing Alissa Heinerscheid and Anheuser Busch’s senior marketing chief Daniel Blake – were taking a leave of absence.

But Bud Light knew those steps were not enough and the company still needed to make amends with the public.

During a meeting with beer distributors, Anheuser Busch executives promised to spend millions of dollars in advertising to try and rebuild Bud Light’s tattered brand.

The New York Post reports:

At a closed-door meeting this week in Washington, DC, Anheuser-Busch executives told US beer distributors they will “spend heavily on the brand after spending fell off a cliff last year,” Benj Steinman, editor of Beer Marketer’s Insights, told The Post.

Bud execs said at the Monday meeting that the fresh marketing push will begin this week, Steinman said, as the beer giant scrambles to reverse the damage from the controversial Mulvaney campaign, which sent sales of Bud Light plunging 17% during the week ended April 15.

Anheuser-Busch “did promise to spend lotsa dough on Bud Light [marketing] this spring and summer, starting with a big push this week for the NFL draft,” Steinman wrote in a report to clients on Wednesday that was obtained by The Post.

Anheuser Busch also announced a new screening process for marketing executives that will weed out any future employees who want to use the company to advance their woke political agenda.

The Post also reports:

But in a series of private Zoom meetings with US beer distributors this month, Bud has promised “there will be an improved screening process before any marketing hits the public,” a Northeast-based distributor told The Post.

“Executives will have to go through a more rigorous screening process,” said the distributor, who cited briefings from Bud execs during Zoom meetings this month.

The Bud Light boycott was so successful that a multi-billion-dollar corporation was forced to alter its marketing and hiring strategies.

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