Clarence Thomas is under attack over Trump winning this case at the Supreme Court

Mar 7, 2024

Democrats forced the Supreme Court to get in the middle of the 2024 election.

Leftists weren’t happy with the results.

And Clarence Thomas is under attack over Trump winning this case at the Supreme Court.

Democrats attempt to delegitimize the Supreme Court 

The Supreme Court handed down a decisive 9-0 opinion rejecting schemes to cancel the 2024 election by banning Donald Trump from the ballot using Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

Trump appealed a ruling by the Colorado State Supreme Court kicking him off the ballot and declared the ruling was a “big win for America.”

Someone who wasn’t happy was Colorado Democrat Secretary of State Jenna Griswold.

Griswold went on a tour of CNN and MSNBC to whine about the ruling and continue her attacks on American democracy by leveling a series of false claims at Clarence Thomas.

Even though the Court’s three left-wing Justices agreed that states couldn’t kick federal candidates for office off the ballot, Griswold focused her ire on Thomas and repeated a series of lies about his wife Ginni being involved in the events of January 6 and about his relationship with conservative donors.

“I think this Court has had obviously some pretty big issues, whether it has been Clarence Thomas’ wife’s role, gifts that have gone unreported, and there are some pretty big decisions that have come out of the Court that I highly disagree with, and I think strip Americans of our basic human rights and fundamental freedoms,” Griswold ranted.

Democrats show themselves to be the true threat to democracy 

When Griswold wasn’t sliming Justice Thomas with outrageous personal attacks, she also claimed that “we have to respect the Court’s decisions while disagreeing with them.”

Griswold argued that Trump was an insurrectionist and should be banned from the ballot, which undercut her own argument about respecting the will of the voters.

“Honestly, I think that’s something that MAGA Republicans could take a lesson from,” Griswold added. “It’s OK to disagree with decisions and one another and not turn into violent rhetoric in attempts to steal elections. You win cases, you lose cases, just like elections.”

“What we need Donald Trump to understand is that there are losers and winners in elections, and if you lose an election that does not mean it’s stolen from you, and that does not give you the ability to incite an assault on the United States Capitol and the country,” Griswold continued.

Democrats wanted to end democracy in America by removing the ability for voters to pick their leaders.

Democrats can’t say they want Donald Trump to respect the results of an election at the same time they want to essentially prevent the election from taking place by banning the leading opposition Party candidate from the ballot.

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