CNN admitted Donald Trump’s trial is rigged for one shocking reason

Aug 22, 2023

Fani Willis became the fourth Democrat prosecutor to indict Donald Trump.

But this indictment may place Trump in the most legal jeopardy out of all the charges he’s facing.

And CNN admitted Donald Trump’s trial is rigged for one shocking reason.

Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis filed a 13-count indictment against Donald Trump over him challenging the results of the 2020 election.

Willis’ position is that you are a criminal if you challenge an election won by Democrats.

However, Democrats like Stacey Abrams are free to deny election results all they want.

The charges – like the other charges against Trump in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Florida are Constitutionally dubious and baseless.

But if Trump stands trial in Atlanta, the jury will be 75 percent Democrat. 

And Georgia State University Constitutional Law professor Eric Segall told CNN host John Berman that the racial makeup of the jury – likely to be majority black – will serve as a big problem for Trump’s defense.

“So, Eric, you’re down in Georgia. There are 19 defendants. Some of whom are Georgia specific here. With that many defendants, do you think that everyone on that list is going to want to play hardball with prosecutors, or how likely is it that someone would want to cut a deal?” Berman asked Segall.

Segall claimed some of the 18 defendants would cut a plea deal since they could not afford the cost of a legal defense for a criminal trial.

But Segall said that a majority black jury would be stacked with Trump skeptics who would not look kindly on him contesting the results of an election where they voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden.

“I think it’s extremely likely that there’s going to be a deal cut and I want to make one more point if I may,” Segall stated. “Unlike the other cases, race is going to play a central role in this case. In all kinds of ways. We all know Donald Trump is probably a little more sensitive to black women than he is to other people. And The Fulton County jury pool is going to be largely African-American, if it stays here.”

“So I do think there’s an undercurrent of race in this case, and especially given that it’s Georgia, that’s going to make it a little different than the other three cases. I do expect some of those witnesses to turn and to testify against the ex-President,” Segall concluded.

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