Democrats pressured Twitter to lie about one thing that should put them all behind bars

Jan 10, 2023

Democrats are always claiming that Russia is public enemy number one to the United States.

But Democrats are desperate to conceal the truth.

And Democrats pressured Twitter to lie about one thing that should put them all behind bars.

In politics there’s always a bogeyman. 

We always need a bogeyman

For the Left, the bogeyman has often been President Donald Trump, Rand Paul, and at times even the idea of common sense itself. 

And for the Right, the bogeymans have ranged from Barack Obama to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

Whether they’re really a bogeyman or not is up for debate, but the idea is that you always need a bogeyman in politics to fight against. 

And for the Left, over the past decade, the biggest bogeyman they have created has been the country of Russia. 

Nearly every issue in the United States for the Left goes back to Russia somehow. 

Just look back at the 2016 election. 

They literally blamed the Russians for Donald Trump winning the Presidency. 

But in all reality, it was the American people who put President Trump into the White House. 

And once President Trump was in the White House then they claimed that the Russians were still the bogeyman because they were supposedly friends with Donald Trump. 

But, in fact, President Trump did more to sanction and hold Russia accountable than nearly any other President has since the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

Nevertheless the Left’s obsession with making Russia the enemy lives on today. 

Russia: the Left’s Big Lie

And you can see crystal clear that this is still the case as Congress votes to send more financial assistance to protect Ukrainians to fight Russians than they do to protect United States citizens from illegal immigration and the influx of drugs. 

But come to find out, their hatred for Russia runs so deep that they’re willing to make up stories and lie directly to the American people about Russia.

Congressional investigation after investigation has been trying to blame influence and posts they didn’t like on the Russians. 

Back in August of 2017, while the Left and Congress were still trying to figure out how Trump won, Facebook announced that they had deleted 300 Russian accounts that allegedly helped skew our elections. 

At the time, Twitter didn’t believe they had a real Russian problem that many leftists were hoping for. 

And in September of 2017, Twitter informed the Senate they only had twenty two accounts that could be seen as Russian influencers. 

Well, the main leftist pusher of the Russian hoax, Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, held an immediate press conference and claimed Twitter’s internal investigation was “frankly inadequate on every level.”

Angrily, Warner continued by saying that they would continue to pressure Twitter to change their tune on the Russians and to “keep producing material.”

Afterwards, Twitter’s Vice President of Policy sent out a frantic email saying, “Warner has political incentive to keep this issue at top of the news, maintain pressure on us and rest of industry to keep producing material for them.”

And since that email, Twitter worked to skew the facts and lie about what type of influence the Russians had on their platform and their influence in America. 

It’s amazing what you can lie about with a little undue influence from far-left Members of Congress. 

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