Donald Trump demanded Fox News take this RINO traitor off the air

Mar 11, 2024

There is still a lot of bad blood between Donald Trump and Fox News.

Trump has no problem making his grievances public.

And Donald Trump demanded Fox News take this RINO traitor off the air.

Trump is furious over RINO hosts predicting a Biden victory

RINO Fox News commentator Marc Thiessen is one of the establishment figures pushing the Party to ditch Trump.

Thiessen is a cheerleader for the war in Ukraine and whines that conservatives think it’s more important to secure America’s southern border than to pour tens of billions of dollars down a rabbit hole in Ukraine to protect their border.

On Super Tuesday, Thiessen made one last-ditch effort to sway GOP voters to support his fellow establishment RINO Nikki Haley.

If Democrats could get a clearly cognitively impaired John Fetterman elected as Senator in Pennsylvania, he argued, then they could certainly beat Trump with Biden.

“If you think he can’t win. I got two words for you, Senator Fetterman. I mean, the voters have said that if they don’t like the GOP alternative, they will vote for a guy who just had a stroke, who had a debate where he couldn’t put a coherent sentence together. And Donald Trump is the only person who’s less popular than Joe Biden. A lot of people don’t want this choice. And so it could go either way,” Thiessen stated.

Trump blasts Fox News in response 

Trump ripped Fox for putting Thiessen on the air, who he claimed had a history of anti-Trump bias.

“How many times is Fox News going to put on RINO Bush apologist Marc Thiessen. He was wrong about me in 2016, and in 2020 I got more votes than any sitting President in history, but the Election was RIGGED,” Trump stated.

Trump also called on Fox News to dump establishment RINO pundit Karl Rove.

“My record on Endorsements is unmatched by anyone, EVER! Put on people who understand what is going on in politics…And while you’re at it, GET RID OF KARL ROVE!!!” Trump continued.

Rove proved Trump prophetic by going on Fox News during his Super Tuesday route and falsely claiming that he was in a weaker position due to a divided GOP.

“There’s still some work to be done to unify the Republican Party and that’s going to depend a lot on his tone tonight and whether or not he stops doing things like calling her ‘Bird Brain’ and threatening that if you give money to her campaign you’re going to be permanently banned, and we’ll see how he does tonight. He did well in Iowa with his victory statement, unifying, humble, gracious. Not so good in New Hampshire, and tonight is going to be the big night and he’s gonna set an important tone for either a unified Republican Party or a divided Republican Party,” Rove stated.

But what Rove left unsaid is that the blame for the divide in the GOP rests with his fellow establishment RINOs who refuse to come to terms with the fact that Republican voters prefer Trump and his MAGA agenda.

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