Donald Trump exposed the secret weapon Joe Biden is counting on to deliver a victory

Feb 9, 2024

Even though he leads in the polls, Donald Trump knows Joe Biden still has an ace in the hole.

Trump is sounding the alarm.

And Donald Trump exposed the secret weapon Joe Biden is counting on to deliver a victory.

Donald Trump admitted that one of the biggest mistakes he made was nominating Jay Powell to serve as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Trump told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo that Powell is planning to goose the economy by slashing interest rates just before the election in order to make voters think Joe Biden is presiding over an economic boom.

“Well, I think he’s going to do something to probably help the Democrats. You know, I think he lowers interest rates. But you have the potential of having massive inflation again because the Middle East could drive up the price of energy,” Trump stated.

Joe Biden’s war on American energy and his socialist spending spree formed a powerful tag team that pushed inflation over nine percent in 2022, the highest level in over 40 years.

Since Joe Biden’s reckless foreign policy and push for war in the Middle East are about to cause energy prices to skyrocket again, Trump warned that Powell is going to step in with interest rate cuts in the spring in order to boost Biden.

“You know, energy has so much to do with it. And the Middle East, again, the bombs are dropping all over the place and the ships are starting to get hit and hit hard. If that happens, you’re going to have tremendous spikes in the price of oil. And if you do that, you’re going to have big inflation. He’s not going to be able to do anything. But it looks to me like he’s trying to lower interest rates for the sake of maybe getting people elected, I don’t know,” Trump continued.

“So you think he’s political? He’s just going to cut rates to help Biden?” Bartiromo asked.

“I do, I think he’s political,” Trump replied.

Republicans in Congress could expose the machinations of the Federal Reserve, who manipulate the economy into boom-and-bust cycles by controlling the money supply and interest rates, by passing Audit the Fed legislation that would open its books for the first time in history.

The American people would then see how the Fed always seems to supercharge the economy when Democrats are running for re-election and tries to engineer recessions when Republicans are facing the voters.

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