Donald Trump just got a huge smile on his face after this shocking new poll

Jan 13, 2023

They used to call Ronald Reagan the “Teflon President.”

Soon they may have to add that nickname to Donald Trump as well.

And Donald Trump just got a huge smile on his face after this shocking new poll.

It seems no matter what the Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans throw at Donald Trump he comes out stronger.

There is no question he is a fighter.

And now, just when everyone was starting to count him down and out, it looks like he could be stronger than ever.

The GOP base is still a Trump base

Liz Cheney found out the hard way that taking Donald Trump on isn’t the best way to help your career.

And even though many pundits and pontificators are claiming Trump’s star is fading, the latest polls tell a different story. 

In fact, former President Trump is holding on to a double-digit lead over his nearest potential opponent in a hypothetical 2024 Republican primary.

At least that’s according to Morning Consult’s latest “2024 GOP Primary Tracker” survey.

This poll was conducted between January 6-8 and shows that 46 percent of potential Republican primary voters support Trump in his bid for a second Presidential nomination. 

There continues to be talk of a 2024 showdown between President Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

And DeSantis is Trump’s closest rival according to the poll but is 13 points behind Trump in second place with 33 percent. 

The next closest potential candidate is former Trump Vice President Mike Pence who is at only 9 percent.

No other potential candidate came even close to approaching double-digit support.

The rest of the pack

There are undoubtedly some big names mentioned as possible 2024 GOP candidates. 

Among them are Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX), and a slew of neocons and Never-Trumpers.

Counted in the latter list are Liz Cheney, former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, and that old warmonger himself, John Bolton.

What is most notable about both lists of potential nominees is the lack of support they receive for a run.

Only 3 percent say they would vote for Cheney, while Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz each get only 2 percent of the support. 

Abbott, Scott, Pompeo, Hogan, and Bolton come in at one percent or less.

Trump’s numbers going up

What may be most notable about the most recent poll is that Trump’s support is rising, not going down as the corporate-controlled media would have you believe.

While the increase was not significant (from 45 to 46 percent), it does show that the constant attacks in the so-called “mainstream” media have not done any real lasting damage to Trump. 

And at the same time Trump’s numbers were going up, DeSantis saw his numbers drop by the same one percent.

These polls show Trump remains the clear frontrunner to get the 2024 GOP nomination for President.

And they also show that should DeSantis decide to run, he may in fact be Trump’s only real competition.

While Pence could break into double digits, no one else even registers as a serious candidate.

There continues to be talk of another GOP Governor, Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin, jumping in the race, but his moderate positions and willingness to compromise with the radical Left don’t bode well for him.

And the more candidates that jump in, the better it looks for Trump. 

He may very well end up being the GOP version of the “Teflon Don.”

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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