Donald Trump made Meghan Markle a nervous wreck with this deportation threat

Mar 22, 2024

Meghan Markle has been a thorn in Donald Trump’s side since the 2016 campaign.

But Donald Trump could ultimately score the last laugh in the feud.

And Donald Trump made Meghan Markle a nervous wreck with this deportation threat.

Donald Trump says deporting Prince Harry is on the table 

In an interview with former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on Great Britain’s GB News, Donald Trump said deporting Prince Harry is on the table if he wins the White House.

“We’ll have to see if they know something about the drugs, and if he lied, they’ll have to take appropriate action,” Trump told Farage.

Farage responded by asking if deportation would qualify as “appropriate action.”

“Oh, I don’t know. You’ll have to tell me. You just have to tell me. You would have thought they would have known this a long time ago,” Trump responded.

The calls to deport Prince Harry grew out of admissions from his autobiography where he admitted to using illegal drugs like cocaine, mushrooms, and marijuana.

When Prince Harry applied for a visa to move to the United States with his wife Meghan Markle after they separated from the British Royal Family, he was required to fill out a form that asked about past drug use.

If Prince Harry claimed that he never used drugs, then he lied on the form, which could be grounds for deportation.

Prince Harry wants to become an American citizen

Prince Harry and Markle burned bridges with the Royal Family over an interview the couple gave to Oprah Winfrey where, without citing evidence, the two accused them of racism in how they treated Markle’s son from a previous relationship.

Harry thought he could solve this problem by becoming a U.S. citizen.

“The American citizenship is a thought that has crossed my mind but certainly not something that is a high priority for me right now,” Prince Harry told Good Morning America‘s Will Reeve.

U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services policy would require Prince Harry to renounce his royal title if he wanted to become an American citizen.

“Any applicant who has any titles of heredity or positions of nobility in any foreign state must renounce the title or the position. The applicant must expressly renounce the title in a public ceremony and USCIS must record the renunciation as part of the proceedings. Failure to renounce the title of position shows a lack of attachment to the Constitution,” the policy reads.

The Oath of Allegiance that any perspective U.S. citizen takes states that “I further renounce the title of (give title or titles) which I have heretofore held,” or “I further renounce the order of nobility (give the order of nobility) to which I have heretofore belonged.”

But losing a royal title may be the least of Prince Harry’s worries.

Meghan Markle has attacked Donald Trump dating back to the 2016 election.

And if Trump wins office, Prince Harry’s ability to stay in the country could vanish if it turns out he lied on his visa application.

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