Kellyanne Conway dropped this Trump Vice-Presidential shocker

Mar 22, 2024

Everyone wants to know where Donald Trump is leaning in his selection of a running mate.

As one of his most trusted advisors, Kellyanne Conway has a voice in that discussion.

And Kellyanne Conway dropped this Trump Vice-Presidential shocker.

Kellyanne Conway touts Trump’s gains with Hispanic voters  

Despite an eight-year media smear campaign about Trump being a racist who hates Hispanics because he supports a border wall, Trump continues to make inroads with Hispanic voters.

A Pew post-election survey found Trump won nearly 40 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2020.

Polls show Trump is poised to win an even bigger share of the Latino vote in 2024.

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s Outnumbered, Conway pointed to a New York Times/Siena poll showing Trump leading Biden 46 to 40 percent with Hispanic voters as evidence of his growing strength.

Conway explained that Latino voters preferred their lives under Donald Trump, as inflation was under two percent, gas prices were lower, and the border was secure.

“Look, every way you look at it, Hispanics have so many reasons to dump Biden/Harris. The main one is the border. How cynical of an entire Democratic Party to believe that in the nine years since Donald Trump elevated into international consciousness his view on illegal immigration. Build the wall. Be fair to the people here, America first,” Conway stated.

Conway advocates Trump pick a minority for Vice President 

Conway added that Democrats offended Hispanic voters – many of whom are Catholic – with attacks on religion and forcing children to wear masks in school.

To capitalize on potential gains with Latinos, Conway suggested Trump pick a “person of color” as his running mate.

“Nine years later, the Democrats still think that attacking Donald Trump on the border is going to get them the Hispanic vote. Hispanics are also upset that they are hostile to religion, that they masked up their kids and kept them home for the better part of two school years. The economic upward mobility that is being lost to them. So I think that Donald Trump’s going to have a monster gain among Hispanics, and I think it’s part of why he should pick a person of color as his VP,” Conway concluded.

The Times/Siena poll also showed Trump winning 23 percent of the black vote, an unheard-of number for a Republican, but this was also in line with other polls showing traditional Democrat voting constituencies fleeing the Party.

In the past, Conway has pushed the idea of South Carolina Senator Tim Scott joining Donald Trump on the ticket.

Scott is a conventional establishment Republican in the Mitt Romney mold, whose war mongering in Ukraine, support for free trade, and indifference to the border crisis are what helped alienate black and Hispanic voters from the GOP in the first place.

It’s Donald Trump’s America First agenda of secure borders and no foreign wars that’s drawing in new voters.

And conservatives believe this is the formula Trump needs to double down on for his running mate selection.

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