Fox News is pushing Donald Trump to pick this Republican as his Vice President

Feb 27, 2024

Fox News is still the biggest name in conservative media.

But while Fox News initially opposed Donald Trump’s re-election, the network still hopes to have some influence.

And Fox News is pushing Donald Trump to pick this Republican as his Vice President.

Network founder Rupert Murdoch is a globalist who supports a blank check for the war in Ukraine, amnesty for illegal aliens, and gun control.

Murdoch has never been comfortable with Trump’s America First agenda and was looking for the first opportunity to steer the GOP back to a more establishment friendly political orientation.

Following the disappointing 2022 Midterm elections, Murdoch told Trump he couldn’t support his re-election campaign since he blamed his endorsed candidates for losing winnable races.

Murdoch then banned Trump from appearing on air for months on end.

But now that Trump is on the verge of clinching the GOP Presidential nomination, Fox News is throwing its weight behind pushing him to pick South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott as his running mate.

Trump’s running mate selection is the automatic 2028 frontrunner, and a Tim Scott-led GOP represents a return to the John McCain/Mitt Romney days of pleasing the donor class by backing amnesty for illegal aliens and endless foreign wars abroad.

Tim Scott was Nikki Haley’s handpicked selection to fill the Senate seat of conservative Jim DeMint, who retired to become President of the Heritage Foundation.

In the Senate, Tim Scott went woke and played the race card to torpedo the nomination of two of Trump’s conservative judicial nominees.

And Scott is an unflinching supporter of shipping unlimited amounts of taxpayer money to Ukraine to secure that country’s border.

The shift in coverage towards full-on support for Tim Scott was evident during a recent broadcast of Outnumbered, where the cohosts slobbered all over him.

“What I find fascinating from what we just watched, is, that was him showing, ‘I have chops to be your VP,’” former Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany stated. “Because, in addition to winning over Independents, winning over suburban moms, the VP pick must be someone who is the most effective voice for Donald Trump as he is embattled in these court battles. He just proved he can handle that.”

Co-host Emily Compagno agreed and called Scott someone who represents the “ideals and values” of the conservative movement.

“What I thought this illustrated so beautifully, is that Donald Trump has surrounded himself not with facsimile robots, but with independent thinkers that are committed to the ideals and values of conservatism and the Republican Party. It just goes to show for me the brand versus Party, and the brand versus values that the GOP is constantly fighting against the Democrats about,” Compagno stated.

“And what I mean by that is, every time you put a surrogate for Biden up, they say the same, ‘Biden is great and everything is fine.’ It’s over-simplified, it’s over-generalized, it’s, honestly, it’s not thoughtful. They are facsimiles of each other because they have the brand down,” Compagno added.

“And the GOP, where we struggle, is that brand identification, but we are committed to the ideals and values. So, we have Tim Scott, so thoughtful, so intellectual, so clear about where he stands on issues. He’s not just saying, ‘What does Trump think? Ok, I’m going to say it.’ He’s saying, ‘This is what I think and you can trust me, because this is what we all need right now.’ And, yes, and the army of Christ is absolutely rising up and he’s tapping into that, too,” Compagno concluded.

Trump supporters agree that Tim Scott represents a brand.

But it’s the brand of the failed GOP establishment that lost Presidential election after Presidential election before Donald Trump won in 2016.

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